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Aras John Vaichas (born August 6, 1972) is an artist+engineer living in Sydney, Australia


Aras was born in Sydney, Australia, to the artist Leonas Urbonas and Elenor Vaichas. In 1994, Aras completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics (Robotics) at the University of Sydney, Australia. From 1995 to 1996 he worked as a Software Engineer in Australia. At the end of 1996 he left to travel around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. To fund his travels, he worked as a contractor engineer in England. In 1998 he returned to Australia and continued work as an engineer. In 2002, to satisfy a long time urge for the fine arts, he went on to study for a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts / Fine Arts (Sculpture) at the Sydney College of the Arts, Australia.


Aras' artwork is focussed around the intersection of life and technology. He will use a variety of different materials to physically manifest his artistic visions. He has an affinity with using intense colours and bright lights in his works to indicate the presence of life and power.

Early Inspirations[edit]


Currently he is working as an engineer to launch his art career into New Media and Artificial Life sculpture.