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Holy Rosary church Dhaka
Holly Rosary Church
Tejgaon Church
Holy Rosary's Church.JPG
Location Bangladesh Tejgaon Thana, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Country Bangladesh
Former name(s) The Japmala Queen Church
Years built 17th Century
Completed 1677

Holly Rosary church is a Roman catholic church in the tejgaon area of Dhaka. It is also the oldest church of the city. It was built by the Portuguese Augustinian missionaries. It is also known as Tejgaon Church and once popularly called The Japmala Queen Church.

The Holy Rosary Church premises houses one of the two Catholic cemeteries in Dhaka. This church runs two schools, Holy Cross College for girls and Notrè Dame College for boys.


Portuguese Augustinian missionaries introduced Christianity in Dhaka. In 1628, they established a church, called the ‘Church of the Assumption’, in Narinda, southern part of the Dhaka city. But the church doesn't exist this days. The second church of Dhaka was built in 1677 at Tejgaon.But this one is the oldest example that can be found. So this church is popularly known to be the oldest church of the city.

The inscription on the pinnacle of the Church shows a date in Arabic numerals 1677, built by the Augustinian Fathers but many believe it was built in the 16th century.


In the early years of 17th century the nestorian christians built the western part as a chapel. The walls are 48 inch thick in this part.

The eastern part is 83 feet and 6 inch long and 32 feet and 3 inch wide,the walls are 15 inch wide. There are 12 [tuscan column] holding the central nave from both side. The diameter of the columns is 3 feet.

The church contains all the signs of a Basilican church . It has a main long rectangular hall consisting central nave and aisles in both side. It features Hindu, Muslim , Christian and regional architecture style. The church has 5 entries main entry is on east facade and the north and south facade has 2 entries each. The south and northern entries lack any porch. The north and south facade have 9 windows each.


The church was renovated three times. In 1714, 1940 and the last renovation was in 2000. The difference between the width of walls and the parts of the roof suggest that the eastern part of the Church was buit later.


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