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I feel like i should put something here, because i don't like my signatures being in red :P

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I basically wrote all of The Reincarnation article, because i play it entirely too much. I guess it got deleted, although i'm not really sure why. That sort of turns me off to the whole wiki project (but i haven't given up yet). I also just recently started the page 19 Wheels. It (was) a great band, and i highly recommend you all check out some of their music (i particularly like the songs Reactor, Really Stupid Girl, It Happens All Over the World, Boomtown and So Cool). Other than that, i only really make minor edits and question the accuracy of claims on talk pages. Wiki is a great project, and it's a shame to see people that denigrate it solely because it can be abused. In that light, i like to spam the "random article" button until i find something interesting, and learn about it. I probably retain the information i learn here better than my college classes (but don't tell my professors that).

I wait with bated breath for when someone creates an encyclopedia article about me.

Also i don't capitalize the letter 'i' when referring to myself. It's a ridiculous, self-centered and gramatically inconsistent rule for English. But then again, the letter 'i' is almost never used in encyclopedia articles, so it isn't much of an issue. Archtemplar 03:28, 15 December 2005 (UTC)Archtemplar

I'd add even more babel/userboxes, but i don't want to waste wiki bandwidth, so i'll stick with these. Maybe change them as i go.