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Name Jeffery Nichols
Country  Canada
Current location Edmonton
Time zone UTC-7 (UTC-6 DST)
Current time Current time for UTC-7 is 19:02
Education and employment
Occupation Public administrator
Education B.A. (Queen's),
M.A. (Memorial),
M.P.A. (Victoria),
J.D. (Alberta)
Contact info
Website wmca:User:Jeffery Nichols
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Account statistics
Joined 21 April 2005
Edit count ≈ 75,000
Permissions Administrator since
21 May 2007
Signature Arctic Gnome (talkcontribs)
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Wikimedia Canada
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My name is Jeffery Nichols and I am an editor currently living in Edmonton, Canada. I have been a Wikipedian since April 2005 and an administrator on the English language Wikipedia since May 2007. I am currently the secretary and a board member of Wikimedia Canada. I hold a bachelor's degree in Canadian studies, masters degrees in political science and public administration, and a Juris Doctor degree.

Most of my edits are about Canadian politics, history, and culture; I am especially fond of lists about these topics. I used to spend a lot of time establishing featured topics, but real life responsibilities have kept me from being a full-time worker there. I have written a few templates that seem to be working, notably ones related to Canadian election results. I have dabbled in edits outside of the encyclopedia, mostly adding Canadian English words to Wiktionary, translating my articles to French Wikipedia, and working on the wiki of Wikimedia Canada.

If you have any questions, please visit my talk page. Cheers.

Featured work[edit]

As with all articles, these were group efforts, but I have made major contributions to the following featured content:

Elections and parliaments[edit]
Lists of federal office-holders[edit]
Lists of provincial office-holders[edit]


  • Editor - bufonite star.jpg Master Editor III -- This editor is a Master Editor III and is entitled to display this Bufonite Editor Star.
  • Barnstar of National Merit.png The Barnstar of National Merit -- I, Arknascar44, do so humbly present you this Barnstar of National Merit, for your outstanding contributions to articles about Canada.
  • Golden-wiki-mapleleaf.png Golden Maple Leaf Award --You have made an amazing amount of contributions towards achieving feature status for so many prominent CA articles, and helping out with the building of the Canadian Wikiproject areas. Thank you ~ you deserve this award.-- SriMesh | talk, 18 November 2007
  • SK-Ribbon.jpg WikiProject Saskatchewan Spotlight -- Honourable mention in the spotlight in WikiProject Saskatchewan Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 2008SriMesh | talk, 29 December 2007
  • Barnstar of Humour3.png The Barnstar of Good Humor -- For your excellent parody "One flag, two flag, red flag, blue flag" here. That totally made my day! +Angr, 2 August 2010
  • Golden-wiki-mapleleaf.png Golden Maple Leaf Award -- For your outstanding contributions to articles regarding Canadian Politics-- Odude22, 4 January 2012
  • Compass Barnstar Hires.png The Guidance Barnstar -- For your most excellent advice and patience in assisting a techno-peasant, I remain, Your Humble Servant, Mr Serjeant Buzfuz (talk), 3 February 2012

Awards I've given[edit]

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