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Working on:[edit]

(among other things, and always inconsistently)

Other subpages[edit]

Past Contributions[edit]

Articles that I have created[edit]

Some articles that I have majorly edited[edit]

I also edited various things before registering; most (I think) of them can be found at Special:Contributions/ I'm fairly certain that I added to some articles for elements in the 120s (such as unbiunium?) around that time, but that the article was deleted before being re-created in 2004 (I'm assuming that the logs don't go back that far), so I have no way of verifying this.

Personal Editing Philosophies (not comprehensive)[edit]

Some guidelines (mostly consistent) that I have been using are:

  • Unless I add new content equivalent to about a sentence, I try to mark edits as "minor."

I am trying to do things in such a way that will make Wikipedia more respected. On the surface, this has mainly been things like adding and discussing sources. Obviously, I cannot make Wikipedia more respected, but I am trying to help. I like the "mission statement" for Wikipedia:WikiProject Fact and Reference Check.

For now, this is about as controversial as I get: My personal equivalent of "RC Patrol" might be called "deletion patrol." It is unfortunate that so many things almost get deleted (or do get deleted) because speedy deletion templates were misapplied, not enough research into notability was done, etc.


Academically, my "main" interests are physics and mathematics (formally), and genealogy/history, linguistics/languages (informally). My "other" interests are everything else.

If you know your ancestry back to the Middle Ages in Europe, then we are almost certainly related. Feel free to let me know!

This sentence is a placeholder for any further autobiographical details that may be added.


U(-n, a, x) = \sum_{i=1}^n (-1)^i {n \choose i-1} \frac{(a+n)!}{(a+n-1)!} x^{i-1}, n\in\mathbb{Z}^+

2x^n - \sum_{i=0}^n x^i

\vec{\vec{\vec T}}_{ijk} = T_{ijk}\hat x_i\otimes\hat x_j\otimes\hat x_k