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ecancer was founded in 2007 by the European Institute of Oncology and is the official journal of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) [1] and the European Institute of Oncology. Since its founding, the journal expanded to covering Oncology congresses and a web channel. ecancer is registered European trademark. [2], under which the oncology journal, ecancermedicalscience and TV station



ecancer’s medical journal is an editorially independent open-access cancer journal and online news outlet. The journal is a not for profit open access peer-reviewed cancer journal founded by the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy. Its founding editors are Professor Umberto Veronesi and Professor Gordon McVie. [3] As an open journal, ecancermedicalscience does not charge for processing or publishing articles. All costs are covered by advertising, sponsorship and grants. [4][edit]

Started in 2009, is dedicated to covering conferences and congress all over the world with coverage, ranging from interviews and roundtable discussions to key note speakers

Cancer Intelligence[edit]

Cancer Intelligence Ltd. is based in Bristol, United Kingdom and publishes ecancer’s journal and, in addition to serving as a PR company for various charities and organizations. [5]


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