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I first began editing articles in January of 2006. My first few edits were all related to Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. I didn't make very many edits at first then in July of 2006 I started in eanest to improve the Entourage articles.

Since then I've started editing other articles such as Heroes and Jericho. Primarily I stick to TV shows since as you can see below I am a TV whore.

TV Whore[edit]

I am a TV whore and have several shows that I am addicted to and watch regularly. Most of my edits are related to the shows you see below. Entourage is where I've done most of my editing but I have done minor editing on the other articles as well.

Lost Prison Break Smallville
Stargate Atlantis Battlestar Galactica
24 House Veronica Mars
Entourage Grey's Anatomy
Weeds Stargate SG-1 Heroes
Jericho Scrubs