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Cleanup/of the main page for Flame of Recca and creation/cleanup of any sub-pages for it. I will list any created subpages here, as well as heavily-altered ones
NOTE- Owing to forgetfullness, many of my edits are anonymous... I will list them below though!
NOTICE- I am now collaborating with Xandershim on the FoR pages!

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-Flame of Recca
-Recca Hanabishi

Locale: OH,USA

Interests- Fads, Cults, WoD, RPG, Dagorhir, Psychology, Comp Sci, Occult Studies, Norse Aesir, Runecraft.

Hi Ariamaki! I was distracted for a little while and so couldn't focus on this article. Anyway, well, I didn't actually mean it to be "massive", it was just a casual usage to show that throughout the article, Japanese names are used with the English ones occupying the backseat, I mean, the Psychic devices' English names should occur in Bold, with the Japanese names following in Italics. I hope you understand what I mean. rohith 15:15, 6 July 2006 (UTC)