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Aric Michael Miller (Born 23 June 1989 in Dearborn, MI)


I just started in the Wikipediacrowd, but already I am getting the hang of everything. I am a member of Students for a Democratic Society[1]. I'm an anarchist, abolitionist, and humanist. My primary interest is Politics and activism.

As a Market Abolitionist, I have an interest visions of a better economy, and moreover a better society. My current line of thought falls within [participatory economics|participatory economics]. I also have an interest in [intercommunalism|intercommunalism], [feminism], and [participatory democracy|participatory democracy].

Participatory economics, or [parecon|Parecon] for short, is a vision of an alternative economy. Its values are Solidarity, Equity, Diversity, and Participatory Self-Management. Its primary institutions are worker's and consumer's councils, remuneration according to effort and sacrifice, balanced job-complexes, and participatory planning. For more info, see the wikipage (above) or visit []

My activities mostly revolve around activism and organizing, primarily with Students for a Democratic Society. SDS is a social action and education organization dedicated to building a participatory society. It holds a commitment to anti-oppression for collective liberation, and developing compelling analysis, vision and strategy.

My non-political interest include film, music, travel, and urban places.

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