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Articles Created Articles expanded significantly Sections Written Somewhat substantial page additions Minor page editions
Christman Genipperteinga Franz Schmidt Hanging, on inverted hanging and hanging by the ribs Premature Burial, on Holy Roman Empire
Suffocation in ash Impalement Disembowelment, on Texcoco culture and Germany section Death by boiling, on Scotland and Holy Roman Empire Sawney Bean
Peter Niers Death by sawing Crucifixion, major addition on Japan, plus Burma section Execution by elephant, added Ibn Battuta evidence Crushing (execution) on peine de forte
Poena cullei, completely rewritten Blowing from a gun Dismemberment Added several historical examples Flaying, Assyrian tradition
Hand of Glory Death by burning Organized into section, added Persian evidence Bamboo torture Vestal Virgins, on live burial
Breaking Wheel Sati (practice)