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I just signed up as a mergist.

What are the above? Other than the first one, they are pages I maintain, and I use all of them to guide my own browsing of Wikipedia articles.

I maintain the latter as a way of finding the sorts of articles I am interested in reading and editing. They make things easier for me than they would be if I just used my watchlist and contributions page alone. They also make browsing Wikipedia more fun for me. They are mostly based on the content of other articles rather than on non-Wikipedia literature, and large sections of them haven't been updated in years, so please feel free if you want to improve them, especially whereever they state something you know to be blatantly false.

What are the below? I started editing as User:Arkuat, but at some point decided that I wanted to edit using my real name. Needless to say, I have been vacillating about that decision ever since I made it. Sorry, didn't mean to be obfuscatory.