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Products and endorsements[edit]

In 2003, Lopez was in a Pepsi commercial featuring Beyoncé Knowles and David Beckham entitled "Samurai".[1] She endorses several L'Oréal products, and was named "L'Oréal Paris Global Brand Ambassador" In December 2010.[2][3][4] She has shot several adds for the endorsement deal.[4] Lopez's recent L'Oreal EverSleek campaign made its debut during the Golden Globes ad break, kicking it off in a big way.[5] Products that Lopez has endorsed for L'Oreal recently include El Vive Triple Resist, True Match, Color Riche, GlamShine, and Voluminous Lashes commercials, the EverSleek commercial and print ads, and the Infallible Lip Color and ElVive Triple Resist print ads. In 2011, Lopez endorsed and promoted a variety of products. In addition to L'Oréal, lopez endorses Gillette women's products, such as the "Get Your Goddess Showing" project.[6] She was named the first ever "Gillette-Venus Global Ambassador" In 2011, too.[7][8] She recorded a cover of "Venus" by Shocking Blue for her Gillette-Venus advertisement.[9] Lopez is a spokesperson for Harmon Kardon home surround sound system.[10][11] Lopez is the face of TOUS Jewelry.[12][13] Lopez is a spokesperson for Lux shampoo in Japan, appearing in the product's television commercials. As of late 2011, she promotes FIAT cats in the United States.[14] Her advertisements for the brand have garnered negative reviews, and in January 2012 a United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) group told Lopez to end her endorsement for problems with the FIAT brand which "freely does business with a regime that is developing an illegal nuclear weapons program."[15]

Fashion lines[edit]

Lopez launched a lifestyle brand in 2001. Called J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, the line included different types of clothing for young women, including jeans, T-shirts, coats, belts, purses, and lingerie, a jewelry line,[16] and an accessory line that includes hats, gloves, and scarves.[17] Lopez participated in the Louis Vuitton Winter 2003 campaign. In February 2005, Lopez unveiled her fashion line entitled "Sweetface" at New York Fashion Week.[18] She worked on the line with Andy Hilfiger.[19] The launch at New York Fashion Week received mixed reviews, mainly positive, Metanoya Webb, from InStyle Magazine reviewed: "It's a step up from her teen-age, pop line. It's definitely more mature, and it's more of a replica of what Jennifer does. It was a reflection of her, and I liked that."[18] Some also noted that the launch of "Sweetface" focused more on the show and arrangement rather than the clothes, themselves.[20] Lopez has a lingerie line with Victoria Beckham.[21]

Lopez's frequent use of animal fur in her clothing lines has brought the scorn of people concerned with animal rights.[22] At the Los Angeles premiere of Monster-in-Law, more than 100 protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) held a demonstration to highlight their concerns.[23] Director of marketing, Charlie Ross said "Jennifer Lopez is a great lover of fur. She is always photographed wearing fur and it was a material she loves and wanted to use. Sweetface is a luxury label and Jennifer wanted her furs. She told me her favourite piece in the collection is a fabulous bleached silver fox coat with strips of the fox stitched onto a chiffon back."[24]

In late 2007, Lopez retired JLO by Jennifer Lopez and launched a new juniors' line called JustSweet.[25] In June 2009, it was announced that "Sweetface" was put on hiatus,[26] and later announced that it was closed down.[27] In 2011, Lopez and her ex-husband, Marc Anthony launched a joint fashion line at Kohls; Anthony would work on the menswear and Lopez on the female clothing line. The lines were described as "high-quality contemporary."[19] Lopez labelled her personal line as "affordable and completely her style." The line was released in October 2011.[28][29] Anthony's line, too was released around the same time.[30] They both worked with Tommy Hilfiger for the fashion lines.[19] Anthony, at the grand opening of the line at a Jersey department store, said that they collaborated on the work, and noted how hard Lopez had worked on her line, he said he was "very proud of her."[31]


Lopez is credited for bringing back celebrity perfume endorsements, which was "dead" since the late 1980s.[32] She ventured in the perfume industry with her debut Glow by J.Lo, which can be purchased anywhere including every-day shopping outlets like Macy's and pharmacy chains.[33] Lopez said that she wanted Glow to be "Sexy and sensual."[34] Glow by J.Lo has a scent of orange, grapefruit, jasmine, orris, Irises, vanilla and musk.[35] Still by Jennifer Lopez was released as the third major fragrance in October 2003;[36] it is described as "the scent of a woman," and "A scent that captures the way a woman feels when she has discovered herself. Real and true. Serene and sensual."[37] Glow by J.Lo and Still were very successful in the fragrance market.[38]

In 2005, Lopez launched three new fragrances: Miami Glow, Love at First Glow and Live.[39] In 2006 she released Glow After Dark. In 2008, she released Deseo, Deseo Forever, Deseo for Men (her first male fragrance) and Live Platinum.[39] Sunkissed Glow and My Glow were released in 2009, My Glow was inspired by the birth of her children.[39] TLC, a division of Discovery Communications Inc, had signed Lopez to an unscripted reality series about the launching of her new fragrance,[40] but the series never materialized. Her next fragrance was Blue Glow.[39] Her 15th fragrance Love & Glamour was released in October 2010.[41] Her 16th fragrance is L.A. Glow, inspired by L.A. Nightlife.[42] She launched her 17th fragrance Love & Light on HSN In July 2011, where it sold 51,000 bottles in six hours, her most successful fragrance launch to date.[43][44] Her 18th fragrance, Glowing has been announced.[32][45] Apart from Fragrances, Lopez has endorsed several other products.


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