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There seems to be come confusion and inconsistency on Wikipedia as to how the names of German football clubs should be expressed.

Town and City names[edit]

In German football, it is not common practice to list clubs by just the town/city names, in the way that in England we refer to Liverpool or Blackpool. The club is always listed with a club name, e.g. Borussia Dortmund or Kickers Offenbach. If the team does not have an elaborate name like this, then the SC, FC, VfB (etc.) should be left in, i.e. VfB Stuttgart. This applies in all lists, infoboxes, league tables, statistics tables, fixtures, match details, and in a player's lead.

Obviously in article prose, a shortened name can be used, once the proper name has been established, to make the text flow more easily. Equally in tables where there is a lack of space, abbreviations can be used, but this is rare on Wikipedia.


If you do insist on using one-word names, or town names, please check that it's appropriate, and that no other club uses that name. For example, there is another Hertha, another Stuttgart, another Frankfurt, another Köln and even another Bayern.

The Karlsruher problem[edit]

When you do use one-word names, ensure that it makes grammatical sense. Karlsruher SC means "Sports Club of Karlsruhe" - Karlsruher is an adjective, so leaving it on its own makes no sense. Saying a player played for Karlsruher is like saying Zinedine Zidane played for French. Generally speaking, if the initials are after the town name, which ends in -er, then it's in its adjective form, while if it's written before, it's expressed normally, as a noun. Karlsruher SC is equal to SC Karlsruhe.

Real-life examples[edit]

Example infoboxes[edit]