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Artintegrated is interested in just that, Art Integration. Covering the interconnectedness in all things art. Artintegrated believes that all of the arts are related and should be integrated for understanding and expanded for posterity. Artintegrated will add or edit information about the arts and related subjects. Having a vast knowledge about photography, painting and sculpture, Artintegrated will try to be as fair and unbiased as Artintegrated possibly can be. Artintegrated has a tendency to overextend information in some cases where Artintegrated has more knowledge or inside information. Having had working relationships with many artists over the years. Artintegrated will add or edit to the best of my knowledge. Artintegrated assures the viewer that restraints will be utilized when necessary from adding extraneous information but sometimes it just starts flowing and Artintegrated never knows when or where Artintegrated will end up. This would be the job of the other editors to keep Artintegrated in check. Artintegrated does, however, feel necessary to explain decisions concerning edits or additions when Artintegrated can especially if it is important to the subject or subject matter. Artintegrated tends to information dump sometimes especially if Artintegrated has lots of information to be added and will try to sort through and edit as time allows.

Please send any inquiries to Artintegrated and they will be answered promptly.

Articles I have created or significantly worked on

  • List of years in art
  • Artists from (states)
  • Julie Moss
  • David Moos
  • Jack Spencer
  • Ruth Bernhard
  • Jon Coffelt
  • Virginia Scruggs
  • Agnes (gallery) * note: should be AGNES all caps reference user: hoary talk page Agnes
  • Jonathan Lasker
  • Melissa Springer
  • Thomas Tulis
  • Dan Budnik
  • Spider Martin
  • Southern artists
  • Southwestern artists
  • Betty Beaumont
  • Ellen Fleurov
  • List of photographers

Note* I try to be as honest as I can on Wikipedia and I dont take this lightly. I will and do take offense to editors who questions my honesty. Artintegrated (talk) 07:39, 20 November 2007 (UTC)