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Born in 1984 and currently in the United Kingdoms, Arun Reginald was a student at the Aitchison College, studied at the Middlesex University, London and work for Cyber-Duck, a digital design agency.

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Favourite events[edit]


Team Barnstar.png The Teamwork Barnstar
For the team work in developing 2011 NATO attack in Pakistan. lTopGunl (talk) 04:56, 29 November 2011 (UTC)

Authored and co-authored articles[edit]

  1. Arfa Karim
  2. Badaber Uprising
  3. Bannu
  4. Baluchitherium
  5. Central City (Hyderabad)
  6. Hyderabad, Sindh [a][b]
    It's history, airport, district, HESCO
  7. Hyderabad Colony
  8. Hyderabad tribunal
  9. Indricotherium
  10. Indus Valley Civilization
  11. Kamila Shamsie
  12. Key performance indicators [a]
  13. Khushab District
  14. Kot Sabzal
  15. Kotri
  16. Kotri Sharif
  17. Latifabad
  18. Liaquat Ali Khan
  19. List of Pakistanis
  20. Official languages by country, state
  21. List of political parties in Pakistan
  22. Mirpur Khas
  23. Mirpurkhas
  24. Mirza Kalich Beg
  25. Nehrun Kot
  26. Niaz Stadium
  27. Northern Hyderabad
  28. Old City (Hyderabad)
  29. Politics of Pakistan
  30. Qasimabad
  31. Qasimabad (Hyderabad)
  32. Qasimabad (Karachi)
  33. Roman Urdu
  34. Shaheen missile
  35. Sindhology
  36. Spider (internet magazine)
  37. Tank, Pakistan [a], [b]
  38. Taqiuddin al-Nabhani
  39. Timeline of Pakistani history
  40. Turkmenistan

Article assessment duties[edit]

  1.  B-class  History of Hyderabad, Pakistan
  2.  Start  Badaber Uprising
  3.  Start  Bannu
  4.  Stub  Niaz Stadium
  5.  Stub  Kot Sabzal

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