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Ryan Qasemi
Native name Rāyān Qāsemi
Born (1996-02-25) February 25, 1996 (age 21)
Tehran, Iran
Residence Pardisan, District 2, Tehran
Website Instagram: Ryan Qasemi

This is Ryan Qasemi ([Rāyān Qāsemi] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help); born on February 25, 1996), a Wikipedian from Tehran, Iran.


I was born and raised in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and I'm a native Persophone.

I graduated from the IRIB art school in May 2013 with a diploma in animation, and from Kamāl-ol-Molk art school in June 2014 with a pre-university degree in fine arts (general studies). Since September 2015, I've been studying at the PNU for a bachelor's degree in translation (English–Persian).



I mainly contribute to the English Wikipedia's Iran-related topics, besides relevant portions of the Persian Wikipedia, Commons, and Wiktionary.

The following are a number of my photographs available on Commons.