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Bijan Jenab

Bijan Jenab, (Persian: بیژن جناب , born in 1951 in Tehran) is well-known Professor and designer for his innovative graphic design, Persian and Arabic typography in Iran, Middle East and Europe. One of the beauties of his style in graphic design is how Jenab combines drawing with typographic.[1]

Bijan Jenab is also one of the founders of Iranian Graphics Design Society (IGDS) and a jury member of the IGDS.
He has been awarded in many competitions and also has done work for human rights in Iran.[2]


Bijan Jenab received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphics from the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University.[3] Later on, as he began to develop his very own method of drawing, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue his academic education at Iowa State University in the United States. Through out the years He’s been teaching at [4]

Honors & Awards[edit]

  • Golden Plate, Tehran International Poster Biennial, 1992.
  • National Award of Design and Production Management, International Design and Production Exhibition in Tehran, 2000.[5]
  • Best Logo Design, Iranian Society of Gynecologic Oncology in Tehran, 2004
  • Member of the jury at Graphic Designers 3rd Biennial
  • Member of the jury at Graphic Designers 4th Biennial
  • Member of the jury at Graphic Designers 5th Biennial
  • Member of the jury at Graphic Designers 7th Biennial[6]


  • School of Fine Arts at Tehran University
  • Al Zahra University
  • Islamic non-govermental University.
  • Radio/Television Faculty


  • Lowa State University, USA, 1982
  • Classic Gallery, Tehran, 1989
  • Graphic designers 2nd Biennial, 1989
  • Artists’ exhibition to help the victims of earthquake in North of Iran, 1990
  • Graphic Designers 3rd Biennial
  • Graphic Designers 4th Biennial
  • Graphic Designers 5th Biennial
  • Graphic Designers 6th Biennial
  • Graphic Designers 7th Biennial


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