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I'm contemplating making this Twisted Metal series template.

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This is another template I'm contemplating for the related pages I have created.

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Ninja Jajamaru-Kun: Pen wa Ken Yorimo Kyoushidegozaru
Developer(s) Jaleco
Publisher(s) Jaleco
Series Jajamaru
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release  JPNTBA 2007
Genre(s) Action

Ninja Jajamaru-kun: Pen wa Ken Yorimo Kyoushidegozaru (忍者じゃじゃまるくん〜ペンは剣より強しでござる〜, ninja jajamaru-kun: Pen wa ken yorimo kyoushigegozaru) is a game currently being developed by Jaleco for the Nintendo DS expected to be released in Japan some time this year. The subtitle basically translates to "The pen is mightier than the sword" in obvious reference to the use of the DS's stylus in gameplay.


PSN Edit[edit]

PSOne Classics launched in North America on December 6, 2006 with five titles available Crash Bandicoot, Cool Borders, Hot Shots Golf 2, Syphon Filter, and Tekken 2. PSone games are downloaded from the PlayStation Store and were initially only playable on the PSP<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= PSone titles now working on PlayStation 3 and PSP|date= December 6, 2006|publisher= Joystiq|accessdate= October 20, 2009}}</ref>. On May 3, 2007 a PS3 system software update allowed PSOne Classics to be played on both the PS3 and PSP<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Joystiq Guide: PSone downloads hit the PSP (by way of the PS3)|date= May 3, 2007|publisher= Joystiq|accessdate= October 7, 2009}}</ref>. PSOne Classics initially had to be downloaded to a PS3 and immediately transfered to a PSP