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My full name is Ashley Mark Pomeroy and I have been a named Wikipedia editor since late 2004. I am one of the most prolific and longest-serving British Wikipedia editors, having amassed several thousand edits on a wide variety of topics. I wrote and continue to write the book on Kodak's early digital SLRs and Iannis Xenakis' UPIC music software and John Harris, the sci-fi artist; I built a little memorial for eccentric punk band X-Ray Spex; I am the reason why Monty Python and the Holy Grail isn't a mass of Python-esque in-jokes. Did you know that obscure British actor Richard Attenborough was in the underground cult film Brighton Rock? Wikipedia didn't until I put that in.

I continue to edit according to my whim and the laws of chance. Unlike so many editors I am not a monomaniac who has set upon himself to sort out the Israel / Palestine conflict once and for all right here on Wikipedia. I have never had an abortion; Sarah Palin looks good in running shorts; I am not religious; I do not care what happens to turtles in the Gulf of Mexico; the Holocaust most definitely did happen and if you were self-respecting Nazis you would be proud of it, rather than trying to hide it.

Each of my edits, whether it is the deletion of a comma or the insertion of a thousand words of sourced, cross-checked, well-written information, is imbued with great diligence and deep thought. On a personal level I was born in 1976, in England, where I continue to live. I have no great love of England or Britain. I live there because I speak the language and I'm not wealthy enough to give up work entirely and travel the world. "He is not married, has no children, and does not live in Surrey."

Wikipedia has a number of cults and editing philosophies. I have nothing to do with them. Limited people with small minds. I edit entirely according to the context and the needs of the article, with the aim of producing something that will be readable and accurate and hopefully make me look good as well. I concentrate almost entirely on producing content for the encyclopaedia rather than spending time with the bureaucracy that surrounds it. There are people who spend their time on Wikipedia voting on whether articles should be deleted or not, and there are people who spend their time inserting or removing dozens of templates and tags. By all means carry on. You throw your time away; I'm not going to stop you. You have a role, a melancholy one that will never be rewarded or even recognised by history.

In addition to my contribution as a writer and researcher, friend and entertainer, my photographs illustrate a goodly number of Wikipedia's articles. They are produced with the same soul and technical daring as my writing, and I include several examples on this page. Do you see the lovely way the images flow, without bunching up, and how the page looks fine on widescreen and conventional monitors, even at 800x600, within the constraints of Wikipedia's mark-up? That didn't just happen, you know. Here are some more:

Nikon D1 8373.jpg Filters 6187.jpg Canon 70-210mm f4 7303.jpg The Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona, 2010.jpg
Lancia Fulvia 1.3s Series 2.jpg CR42Falco5689.jpg Canon EOS 50 2636.jpg Vivitar Series 1 5965.jpg
Panotools5618.jpg Fujifilm Finepix S3 8294.jpg Vivitar 70-210mm 7249.jpg St Lawrence 0097.jpg
St Lawrence 0800.jpg Normal Lenses 7253.jpg Salisburycathedral0717.jpg Kodak DCS 560 Front.jpg

I spurt the majority of my creative juices onto my blog, Women and Dreams. "the paper is nought, the composers boyes, and the correctors unlearned."