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Brandtology is a social media intelligence company with presence in more than 12 global locations.[1] It was founded by Eddie Chau in 2008, to help companies track and manage the social media conversations about them online. Its proprietary technology allows extraction of consumer conversations from social media sites,and uses sentiment analysis technology and natural language processing technology to process and analyze them. As the social media scene rapidly developed, Brandtology grew to become a full-fledged service provider delivering daily, monthly analytical and brand audit reports to global brands for usage in marketing,advertising, sales leads, public relations, product development, customer relationship management, among others. In August 2010, a new arm Brandtology Academy was set up to provide the first social media analytics certification course in Asia Pacific.[2]


The concept for Brandtology’s business model was conceived in 2006 just as the social media landscape was beginning to take shape. The growth of the internet and social media sites such as blogs, forums and social networking sites was phenomenal as more and more netizens formed online communities and/or started their own blogs to share their experiences and recommendations about their personal experiences in their life or with certain products and services. The explosive growth of these social media channels left many companies struggling to track their brand mentions and to neutralize bad reviews which were causing damage to their brands.

The founder, Eddie Chau, saw the opportunity to provide business intelligence services to track and analyze such consumer conversations in a timely manner in order to help brands better manage their online reputations. Over time, he also realized that beyond complaints and viral campaigns, consumers were sharing indepth insights which could make a difference to various functional areas outside of public relations, such as sales and marketing, product development, customer service and consumer insights teams. Till today, Brandtology is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of the market to provide all-rounded business insights derived from Social Media channels.

May 2008 – Brandtology Founded

Jan 2009 - Brandtology received press coverage[3]

Apr 2009 - Brandtology secured a Series A US$1.35 million investment from Walden International [4]

Jun 2009 - Launch of North Asia Operations in Hangzhou, China. [5]

2nd half of 2009 – Rapid expansion in APAC market (Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Phillipines)

Nov 2009 - Quarterly Digital Brand Index Launched[6]

Jan 2010 – Brandtology sets up office in US, Redwood City.

Throughout 2010 – Expansion into Vietnam and Thailand. European language capabilities such as Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese and German added. Brandtology participates in various exhibitions and conferences e.g. IRAHSS, AdTech NYU, Social Media World Forum Asia[7], Launch of the Digital Advertising Alliance[8][9]

Jun 2010 - Launch of Version 2.5 of Brandtology's Digital Conversation Management System[10]

Aug 2010 - Launch of Brandtology Academy[11]


Instead of manually searching and collating information online using search engines/RSS feeds, Brandtology’s powerful crawler technology gathers and analyses data quickly and comprehensively, while trained Social Media Analysts rechecks the conversations efficiently to ensure a highly accurate and relevant data set. The front-end Digital Conversation Management System allows Brandtology's analysts, clients and partners to easily extract deep insights from the conversations to aid them in strategic business needs.

Brandtology's Digital Conversation Management System has been reviewed and featured in various publications and at various events.[12] [13][14]


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