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Featured in the Prairie Dog article

Wikipedia Pictures[edit]

Plum Brandy
Plum Brandy, also known as The Plum (French: La Prune), is an oil-on-canvas painting by the French modernist artist Édouard Manet. It is undated but thought to have been painted about 1877. It depicts a woman seated alone at a table in a cafe, in a lethargic pose similar to that of the woman in Degas' L'Absinthe. The woman may be a prostitute, but unlike the subject of Degas' work she appears more dreamy than depressed. She holds an unlit cigarette and her plum brandy appears untouched. Plum Brandy is now in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.Painting: Édouard Manet

Other Beautiful Photos on Wikipedia[edit]

Panorama of Along the River During Ching Ming Festival, 18th century remake of a 12th century original by Chinese artist Zhang Zeduan

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To Do[edit]

Take photos of the following (listed on Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Washington, D.C.):

Circles in DC:

  • Anna J. Cooper Circle - intersection of 3rd and T Streets in the LeDroit Park neighborhood
  • Grant Circle - intersection of New Hampshire and Illinois Avenues and Varnum and 5th Streets
  • Pinehurst Circle - intersection of Western and Utah Avenues and 33rd and Worthington Streets
  • Sherman Circle - intersection of Illinois Avenue, Kansas Avenue, 7th Street, and Crittenden Street NW
  • Tenley Circle - Tenleytown.
  • Westmoreland Circle - straddling the Maryland and Washington border, at the intersection of Western Avenue, Butterworth Place, Massachusetts Avenue, Dalecarlia Parkway, and Wetherill Road.

Embassies (List of Washington, D.C. embassies):

  • Holy See (Vatican City) - 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, DC 20008
  • Krygstan - 1732 Wisconsin Ave (between S and R Sts., more towards S)
  • Iran - 2209 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, DC 20007
  • Taipei - 4201 Wisconsin Ave

About Me[edit]

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