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Creekside Elementary School
File:Creekside Outsidez.jpg
6011 Massara Street
Danville, California, Contra Costa 94506
United States
School type Public Primary
Established 2009
School district San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Superintendent Steven Enoch
Principal Michelle Cooper
Faculty 50
Grades K-5
Enrollment 450 (2009) [1]
Average class size 22 [2]
Campus type Suburban
Mascot Comets

Creekside Elementary School is one of the 22 elementary schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD). Creekside is the newest elementary school in SRVUSD and is located in the Alamo Creek neighborhood in Danville, California. The school opened to students in August 2009 with approximately 450 students in grades K-5 and the capacity of 720 students. [3]

Creekside Vision[edit]

The Creekside Elementary School vision is committed to developing a community of learners where staff, parents, and students achieve academic excellence through high expectations and rigorous curriculum. The school strives to create a safe environment which fosters the development of responsible, caring students who are lifelong learners prepared for the 21st century.[4]

About Creekside Elementary[edit]

Creekside Elementary School is located in the Alamo Creek development of the Tassjara Valley. This school was the fifth and last developer-build school in the district. Creekside includes over 80,000 square feet on a 10-acre site. It is a 2-story building, filled with classrooms, administration offices, MPR, a kindergarden building, a library, and a child care building, housed by Kids' Country.

Creekside Elementary will have state of the art technology to better prepare our students to be the 21st century learners. With the use of innovative instructional strategies, the staff will prepare our students to flourish in a world of rapidly changing standards and expectations through a safe and trusting environment.

The vision of Creekside will be promoted; that it is committed to developing a community of learners where staff, parents, and students achieve academic excellence through its high expectations and rigorous curriculum. Creekside strives to create a safe environment which fosters the development of responsible, caring students who are lifelong learners prepared for the 21st century. [5]

Creekside Elementary will provide a positive, caring, and stimulating atmosphere where students will enjoy learning, through our strong academic curriculum that is standards-based. With the cooperation and collaboration of teachers, support staffs, and parents, the foundational base of exceptional learning for the students will be at its pinnacle. It is encouraged to be involved with the child's experience.

Bell Schedule[edit]

This is the bell schedule at Creekside

There are three different bell schedules at Creekside Elementary School. It has a regular school day schedule, which is different however, throughout the grade levels. The school also has a Wednesday bell schedule, again, with differences throughout the grade levels, but the school day is also shortened, and all students are dismissed at 1:00 PM. Lastly, the school has a "minimum day" bell schedule, which is a short school day, for the first and last days of the school year. All students begin classes at 8:00 AM and are dismissed by 11:33 AM. [6]

Teaching Staff[edit]

Principal: Michelle Cooper

Kindergarten: Laleh Brown, Kristin Manning, Amy Miyamoto, Kim Vieira, Jill Watson, Jennifer Clausen

First Grade: Kristen Berg, Tiffany Goh, Laurie Matthews, Joyce Rooks, Nancy Rugani

Second Grade: Dawn-Monique Elkin, Kelly Sheridan, Sarah Rieger, Cristina Triebwasser, Amanda Walsh

Third Grade: Kristine Banis, Elizabeth Mahoney, Nancy McCaul, Ngoc Nguyen, Cristina Triebwasser

Fourth Grade: Kelsey Donovan, Megan Muccio, Brooke Schroeder, Nicole Williams

Fifth Grade: Craig Harter, Brandi Torres, Danielle Woody

School Programs[edit]

Creekside Elementary School has a wide variety of school programs that the students there can learn. The school specializes in the program of science, reading, and technology.

In the program of science, the teacher goes through a set of experiments with the different grade levels. For example, in grade 1, the teacher taught the students how to make playdough from scratch. As the grade levels increased, the experiments became tougher and more advanced. In grades 2, the students learned about sound-waves, and made kazoos/harmonicas to further investigate. In the 3rd grade, the students learned about light, and how the eye perceives it. For their investigation, they dissected a real cow eyeball. Grade 4 learned about Earth science and studied various rocks and minerals. Lastly, grade 5 studied penny density. The students melted old pennies and more modern ones, then calculated that the density of the pennies, and found out that they were different than that of 30 years ago. All of these experiments were just a months worth of science investigations. It can be seen that science is one of the school's stronger points. [7]

The curriculum and instructional strategies Creekside uses are based on the latest research for reading acquisitions. Children taught at Creekside are developing phonemic awareness, improving decoding skills through phonics instruction, building fluency, and improving comprehension skills. Creekside uses the Read Well program, which is a research based program that provides instruction in all of the necessary areas. It has a unique format that includes duet and solo stories which enable students to hear rich story content and read independently. It nicely compliments the Reading Project as it teaches the same skills but provides extra instruction and support for those that are struggling in this area. [8]

Technology has always evolved throughout time, and Creekside aims to keep its students informed of the new changes. At the start of kindergarten,the staff teaches the students to care for the equipment and shows them how to operate the basic features, introduces them to the internet and how to navigate a website, shows them word processors, and how to capture photos and videos via Mac's Photo Booth application. As the grade levels increase, the staff enforces the students to familiarize themselves with the word processors, and by grade 3, the students are to have the "home row" memorized. For grades 4 and 5, they begin to be tested by having a number of words typed out per minute with no errors. Also, they are introduced to the excel program, how to prevent cyber bullying, importing images, internet sourcing, and citing information found on the internet. With these technical aspects introduced to students at a young age, they are able to thrive efficiently in the 21st century. [9]

Rainbow Room[edit]

Started in November 2010, the school has offered a program for grades K-3 called the Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room is a place where students are taught self-esteem, self-confidence, how to strengthen their social skills, and develop positive attitudes. This project allows children to share their feelings and experiences during their normal school activities. The Rainbow Room is a support and encouragement project, teaching empathy training, impulse control, and emotion management.

Rainbow Room Staff: Rose Hyrn, Annemarie Miller, Debbie Roof

After School Enrichment[edit]

The After School Enrichment program has been offered to its students, with a goal to provide a wonderful opportunity to enhance adademic, artistic, and physical education experiences that are already taking place at Creekside. There is a convenience of having these courses held at the school, therefore, the children will stay safe under supervision. [10]

Comet Education Fund[edit]

File:District revenue compare.jpg
District revenue comparison

The Comet Education Fund is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to enhance the quality of education at Creekside. This fundraiser bridges the increasing gap between the money from the Federal, State, and local taxes provides and the money that is necessary to give the students at Creekside the education and experiences they deserve. [11]

The SRVUSD received significantly less money per student from the State compared to other districts in the area, therefore, the schools also received less. SRVUSD was considered a "low-wealth" district because it was largely rural, which caused the basic funding levels to decrease, rather than increase. Other districts receive hundreds, or even thousands more per year per student. SRVUSD schools acquire $50.31 per student per year. With this said, it can be seen why Comet Education Fund was founded, so the students receive the education they deserve. [11]

Difference Between PTA and Comet Fund[edit]

At Creekside Elementary, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) conducts school community-building family events, such as festivals and fairs, where the money raised is donated to the school, as well as cover the costs of running those events. The PTA also holds fundraisers to support assemblies and certain resources. Unlike the PTA, Comet Fund raises money to fund specific positions and programs that have been proposed by the principal, much like that of a school "booster" club.

How Comet Fund Raises Money[edit]

The primary funds of Comet Fund come from a per child donation that is requested at registration of $365. It is a tax deductible donation, which goes to the education necessities at Creekside. Events, festivals, and programs are also held throughout the year, where educators, parents, and the community are given the opportunity to contribute. These events are all chances to help build the community as well as raise money at the same time.

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