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Facts About Me[edit]

I live in Walnut Creek, California[1]_ while currently attending Las Lomas High School[2]as a senior. I used to live in West Jordan, UT[3]. I attended Copper Hills High School[4]for 10th and 11th grade while in West Jordan. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[5]_and currently attend the Walnut Creek 2nd Ward in the Oakland California Stake. I used to attend the Copper Hills 6th Ward in the Copper Hills Utah Stake in West Jordan.

Wikipedia History[edit]

Since July 2007, I've been an account-bearing Wikipedian. I have, however, been actively reading/using Wikipedia since 2004. I'm new and still learning everyday about how Wikipedia works. I hope to build some experience over the next few years. I use Wikipedia for everything and thus decided to help out with making it better by signing up and contributing my knowlege/research to the site.

Created Articles[edit]

None yet, hopefully soon though!

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