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Favourite players

My three favourite players of all time are:

  1. Shane Warne Australia
  2. Don Bradman Australia
  3. Malcolm Marshall West Indies Cricket Board

Stooges who destroyed English cricket

  1. Giles Clarke - profit driven egomaniac elitist
  2. Paul Downton - vendetta obsessed nobody
  3. James Whitaker - Downton's pet ape
  4. Andrew Strauss - petty, vindictive, arrogant 'yes man'
  5. Colin Graves - lost clown, please report any sightings to your nearest circus
  6. Andy Flower - the perpetual 'mood hoover'

Teams the ICC should just give up on funding

Mainly teams full of expats that make little or no effort to involve locals in the game. I understand expats are needed to spread the game in countries like Bulgaria and Turkey, but when a country has been a member of the ICC for over 20 years then it just gets stupid to keep funding them. The ICC should not waste money on the following countries.


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Start more to come

To do list:Links

Notable Berkshire cricketers

  1. Joe Bailey (footballer, born 1890)
  2. George Bennett (cricketer, born 1883)
  3. Dermot Blundell
  4. Richard Borgnis
  5. Cyril Buckley
  6. John Carr (cricketer, born 1892)
  7. Charles Chapman (cricketer, born 1869)
  8. Charles Clarke (cricketer, born 1853)
  9. David Cobham (cricketer)
  10. Lionel Collins
  11. Myles de Vries
  12. Bernard Elgood
  13. Robert Evans (cricketer, born 1889)
  14. Arthur Fernie
  15. Peter Fitzsimons (athlete)
  16. Guy Gregson-Ellis
  17. Michael Hewett
  18. Gethyn Hewan
  19. Francis Ingram (footballer)
  20. Kenneth Jackson (cricketer, born 1913)
  21. Michael Magill
  22. Michael Morgan (cricketer, born 1932)
  23. Hugh Morres
  24. Edward Moss (cricketer)
  25. Charles Nepean, 5th Baronet
  26. John Norman (cricketer, born 1936)
  27. Richard Peck (cricketer)
  28. Albert Robinson (cricketer)
  29. Peter Smith (field hockey)
  30. Arthur Watts (footballer)
  31. Philip Whitcombe (cricketer, born 1893)
  32. Dennis Williams (cricketer)
  33. Richard Wollocombe
  34. Albert Woolley (field hockey)
  35. James Yates (cricketer) = 302 notable cricketers

Dorset cricketers

  1. Ignazio Dracopoli - Possibly notable explorer/missionary - possibly only French county cricketer
  2. Harry Farrer - Military Cross and Belgian Croix de Guerre = 211 notable Dorset cricketers

Free Foresters

  1. Cecil Bennett
  2. Geoffrey Betham
  3. John Brocklebank, 5th Baronet
  4. Ronald Brooks (cricketer)
  5. Montagu Burrows (cricketer)
  6. Buns Cartwright
  7. Martin Checksfield
  8. David Cobham (cricketer)
  9. Lionel Collins
  10. Geoffrey Cornu
  11. John Cowley (cricketer)
  12. John Darwall-Smith
  13. David Dickinson (cricketer)
  14. Guy Dury
  15. John Dyson (cricketer, born 1913)
  16. Robert Evans (cricketer)
  17. David Fasken
  18. Edmond Foljambe
  19. Charles Frazer (cricketer)
  20. Ogilvie Graham
  21. James Guise
  22. Thomas Hare (cricketer)
  23. Douglas Harries
  24. Peter Hatch (cricketer)
  25. Richard Hawkey
  26. John Heathcoat-Amory (cricketer)
  27. Denis Henry (cricketer)
  28. Geoffrey Hopley
  29. Geoffrey Huskinson (cricketer, born 1935)
  30. Michael Ivey
  31. David James (cricketer, born 1937)
  32. Michael Kaye
  33. Anthony Lawrence (cricketer)
  34. Walter Lawrence (cricketer)
  35. Reginald Lewis (cricketer)
  36. Michael Livock
  37. Michael Magill
  38. Kenelm McCloughin
  39. Derek Mendl
  40. Stanley Metcalfe
  41. Norman Mischler
  42. John Parkes (cricketer)
  43. Mark Patten
  44. Vyvyan Pearse
  45. George Pearson (cricketer)
  46. Robert Priestley (cricketer)
  47. John Raybould
  48. Michael Ricketts (cricketer)
  49. Derek Seth-Smith
  50. John Strachan (cricketer)
  51. Edmund Thomson
  52. Frank Tuff
  53. Bill Tyrwhitt-Drake
  54. William Welch (cricketer, born 1911)
  55. Boris Wilenkin
  56. Robert Wilson (cricketer, born 1922) = 354 notable cricketers

Orleans Club

  1. Frederick Fryer (cricketer)
  2. Ernest Wigram = 34 notable cricketers

Surrey Club

  1. Ernest Burnett
  2. Frederick Christy
  3. Thomas Cole (cricketer)
  4. Frederic Marshall
  5. George Rogers (cricketer, born 1815)
  6. Charles Waller (cricketer)
  7. John Waller (cricketer)
  8. Thomas Winterflood = 112 notable cricketers

Royal Navy cricketers

  1. William Godfrey (cricketer)
  2. Arthur Wood (cricketer, born 1875)
  3. Arthur Scott (cricketer)
  4. Arthur Skey
  5. John Sparks (cricketer, born 1873)
  6. Eric Elstob
  7. Arthur Cantrell
  8. William Leach (cricketer, born 1883)
  9. James Boyd (cricketer)
  10. John Murray (cricketer, born 1873)
  11. Edward Sinclair (cricketer)
  12. Arthur Barnby
  13. Frank Horsey
  14. Frederick Trumble
  15. Arthur Wright (cricketer, born 1886)
  16. Robert Cunliffe (cricketer, born 1895)
  17. William Goudge
  18. Charles Evan-Thomas
  19. Philip Bonham-Carter
  20. Manfred Palmes
  21. Harold Evans (cricketer)
  22. Frank Baker (cricketer)
  23. Michael McMaster
  24. Edward Aylmer (cricketer)
  25. Norman Grace
  26. Derek Kenderdine
  27. Basil Reed
  28. Charles Benstead
  29. Clement Glenister
  30. Herbert Hull
  31. Cecil Brooke-Short
  32. Martin Evans (cricketer)
  33. John Pelly (cricketer)
  34. Charles Garrett
  35. Gerald Tuck
  36. Kenneth Robinson (cricketer)
  37. Arthur Casswell
  38. Robert Stephenson (cricketer)
  39. Galfry Gatacre
  40. Arnold Pomfret
  41. Charles Smith (cricketer, born 1898)
  42. Harry Sharpe
  43. Arnold Reading
  44. John Hussey (cricketer, born 1897) = 82 notable cricketers

Royal Air Force

  1. Myles Boddington
  2. Leslie Bray
  3. William Faulkner (cricketer)
  4. Francis Hodder
  5. Leonard Jennings
  6. Nigel Jerram
  7. Geoffrey Longfield
  8. Reginald Partridge
  9. Tom Pollitt
  10. Hugh Sells
  11. Morton Shapcott
  12. Ronald Sugden
  13. Thomas Thornton (cricketer) = 63 notable cricketers

British Army

  1. Frederick Arnold (cricketer)
  2. Michael Baines
  3. Henry Baird (cricketer)
  4. John Bean (cricketer)
  5. Thomas Bevan (cricketer)
  6. Lionel Bostock
  7. Montagu Burrows (cricketer)
  8. John Carr (cricketer, born 1892)
  9. Clive Garthwaite
  10. Arthur Cocks (cricketer)
  11. Colin Cokayne-Frith
  12. John Cole (cricketer, born 1907)
  13. Geoffrey Cooke (cricketer)
  14. William Dickinson (cricketer)
  15. Guy Dury
  16. Harold Fawcus
  17. Edward Fitzherbert (cricketer)
  18. Harry Gardner (cricketer)
  19. Daniel Grose
  20. Lancelot Grove
  21. Basil Hayles
  22. Edward Henslow
  23. Julian Jefferson
  24. Henry Kirkwood
  25. Anthony Lawrence (cricketer)
  26. Kenelm McCloughin
  27. Michael Magill
  28. Dunlop Manners
  29. James Mardall
  30. Fernley Marrison
  31. Kenneth Mackessack
  32. Arnold Minnis
  33. Howell Moore-Gwyn
  34. Peter Nelson (cricketer, born 1913)
  35. Charles Orton
  36. Richard Page (cricketer)
  37. Walter Parke
  38. William Payne-Gallwey (cricketer)
  39. Geoffrey Rimbault
  40. Percival Sanger
  41. George Scott-Chad
  42. Sir Archibald Southby, 2nd Baronet
  43. Arthur Stanley-Clarke
  44. Charles Sutton (cricketer)
  45. Edmund Thomson
  46. Gordon Thorne
  47. Arthur Tyler (cricketer)
  48. Frank Ward (cricketer, born 1888)
  49. Gilbert White (cricketer)
  50. Michael White (cricketer, born 1913)
  51. Reginald White (cricketer)
  52. John Whitty (cricketer)
  53. Francis Wilson (cricketer) = 154 notable players

Army and Navy

  1. Henry Baird (cricketer)
  2. Arthur Cantrell
  3. Lionel Collins
  4. Francis Wilson (cricketer) = 27 notable players

Civil Service

  1. Allinson Chapman
  2. Reginald Collins
  3. William Evans (cricketer, born 1897)
  4. Harold Everett
  5. Alfred Sharland
  6. Alexander Ross (cricketer)
  7. William Webb (cricketer, born 1898) = 11 notable players

Gentlemen of England

  1. Edward Balfour (cricketer)
  2. William Bartholomew (cricketer)
  3. Richard Bell (cricketer)
  4. Richard Bellhouse
  5. Denis Bingham
  6. William Bolitho (cricketer)
  7. Thomas Brewer (cricketer)
  8. Henry Bull (cricketer)
  9. Buns Cartwright
  10. Thomas Case (cricketer, born 1844)
  11. Thomas Case (cricketer, born 1871)
  12. William Case (cricketer)
  13. Charles Clarke (cricketer, born 1853)
  14. Freddie Clayton
  15. William Clayton (cricketer)
  16. Edward Colebrooke (cricketer)
  17. William Collins (cricketer, born 1848)
  18. William Commerell
  19. George Cooke (cricketer)
  20. Ernest Coxon
  21. Thomas Craven (cricketer)
  22. Walter Crawford
  23. Frederick Crowder (cricketer, born 1845)
  24. Robert Darke
  25. James Dewar (cricketer)
  26. Edward Dewing
  27. Alban Dobson
  28. Huntley Duff
  29. Charles Evans (cricketer, born 1851)
  30. Edward Fellowes (cricketer)
  31. Cecil Fiennes
  32. Winfield Fiennes
  33. Walter Forbes (cricketer)
  34. James Ford (cricketer, born 1836)
  35. Arthur Fortescue
  36. Frederick Fryer (cricketer)
  37. John Fuller (cricketer)
  38. Jack Gannon
  39. Augustus George
  40. Thomas Goodrich (cricketer)
  41. Charles Gordon (cricketer, born 1814)
  42. Thomas Hale (cricketer)
  43. William Hartopp (cricketer)
  44. George Hodgkinson
  45. Alfred Holt (cricketer)
  46. John Horner (cricketer)
  47. Edward Hume (cricketer)
  48. F. W. James
  49. Charles Kenward
  50. Richard Kirwan (cricketer)
  51. Gilbert Lacy
  52. George Lang (cricketer)
  53. Alexander Law
  54. J. Leggatte (English cricketer)
  55. Willie Llewelyn
  56. James MacKinnon (cricketer)
  57. Henry Maister
  58. William Maitland (cricketer)
  59. Alexander Malet (cricketer)
  60. William Marillier
  61. Charles Marriott (cricketer, born 1848)
  62. Frederic Marshall
  63. George Marten (cricketer, born 1840)
  64. Spencer Montagu
  65. William Moore (cricketer, born 1846)
  66. Arthur Morton (cricketer, born 1835)
  67. Pierrepont Mundy
  68. Jones Nash
  69. John Parker (cricketer, born c. 1823)
  70. Henry Pickard
  71. Cyril Randolph
  72. Robert Ranken
  73. Rowland Raw
  74. Wilfrid Reay
  75. Thomas Ridley (cricketer)
  76. John Russel (cricketer)
  77. Edward Rutter (cricketer)
  78. James Savory
  79. Henry Sayen
  80. Francis Shand
  81. Richard Skelton (cricketer)
  82. Stephen Soames
  83. T. A. Spencer
  84. Cyril Staples
  85. Randolph Stewart, 11th Earl of Galloway
  86. Vincent Stow
  87. Frank Swinstead
  88. Thomas Taylor (cricketer, born 1825)
  89. A. F. Thomas
  90. William Townshend (cricketer)
  91. Quintin Twiss
  92. Charles Tyssen
  93. Stirling Voules
  94. Arthur Ward (cricketer, born 1829)
  95. Frederic Watson
  96. John Weston (cricketer)
  97. Thomas Wilson (cricketer, born 1849)
  98. William Wright (cricketer, born 1841)
  99. John Wynne (cricketer) = 640 notable cricketers

Pre-county club Lancashire

  1. Richard Bellhouse
  2. Scholes Birch
  3. George Cooke (cricketer)
  4. George Dallas (cricketer)
  5. Tom Hunt (cricketer)
  6. Charles Langton
  7. Henry Pickford
  8. James Rowley (cricketer)


  1. Thomas Brewer (cricketer)
  2. James Cornford (cricketer, born 1978)
  3. George Davenport (cricketer)
  4. Robert Fairbairn
  5. Colin Heron
  6. Alan Jones (cricketer, born 1927)
  7. Gordon McKinna
  8. Rick Moore (cricketer)
  9. John Rogers (cricketer, born 1910)
  10. Oliver Sadler
  11. Francis Travers
  12. Richard Voss (cricketer)
  13. Leslie Wenzler
  14. Colin Whalley (field hockey for England)
  15. Archibald Williamson (cricketer)
  16. Arthur Willmer
  17. Rob Woolley
  18. John Wright (cricketer, born 1861) = 235 notable cricketers


  1. Kenneth Briggs
  2. Thomas Drakes
  3. Duncan Heath (cricketer)
  4. John Heath (cricketer, born 1978)
  5. Harold Hews - football for Lincoln City
  6. Charlie Hopkins
  7. Anish Patel
  8. Horace Peacock
  9. Charles Pimlott
  10. Joe Price (cricketer)
  11. Eric Senior
  12. Louis Weigall
  13. Victor Wells-Cole
  14. Reginald White (cricketer)
  15. Junior Williams (cricketer) = 174 notable cricketers


  1. Harold Jenkins (footballer) - football for Newport County
  2. Edward Phillips (cricketer)
  3. Duncan Vines = 33 notable cricketers

Scottish cricketers

  1. Andrew Aikman
  2. Walter Allan
  3. Iain Anderson (Scottish cricketer)
  4. Joseph Anderson (cricketer)
  5. David Ballantyne (cricketer)
  6. Frederick Barkham (English)
  7. William Beardmore (cricketer)
  8. Fred Benham
  9. Tom Black (cricketer)
  10. Thomas Bowie (cricketer)
  11. James Brodie (Scottish cricketer)
  12. Sandy Brown (cricketer)
  13. David Brown (cricketer, born 1900)
  14. Tyler Buchan
  15. Neil Burnett
  16. George Burt (cricketer)
  17. George Campbell (cricketer, born 1893) (South African!)
  18. William Carnie
  19. George Chalmers (cricketer)
  20. David Chapel
  21. John Christie (cricketer)
  22. Jack Clark (cricketer)
  23. William Clark (cricketer)
  24. Stuart Coetzer
  25. Cameron Coles
  26. Fred Colledge
  27. Ian Collins (cricketer)
  28. James Cowan (cricketer)
  29. Leslie Craig (cricketer)
  30. Robert Cranston (cricketer)
  31. George Crerar
  32. Alexander Cullen (cricketer)
  33. Dale de Neef (Trinidadian!)
  34. Arthur Dewar (cricketer)
  35. Shiraz Dharsi (Indian!)
  36. William Dippie
  37. Willie Donald
  38. Alexander Downs
  39. Ross Drinnan
  40. Duncan Drummond
  41. Thomas Dunlop (cricketer)
  42. Peter Duthie
  43. William Eddie
  44. Bob Ellis (Scottish cricketer)
  45. William Ellis (Scottish cricketer)
  46. Johnie Everett
  47. Robert Fairbairn (cricketer)
  48. Henry Fairweather
  49. John Farquhar (cricketer)
  50. John Fergusson (cricketer)
  51. Francis Findlay
  52. Tom Findlay
  53. David Fleming (cricketer)
  54. James Fleming (curling and cricket)
  55. George Forbes (cricketer)
  56. Alexander Ford
  57. Malcolm Ford
  58. Alexander Forrester (cricketer)
  59. Alan Fraser (cricketer)
  60. David Fraser (cricketer)
  61. Lovat Fraser
  62. Nesbitt Gallacher
  63. Peter Gardiner (cricketer)
  64. Robert Gardiner (cricketer)
  65. Graham Gardner (cricketer)
  66. Jimmy Graham (cricketer)
  67. John Greive
  68. Walter Greive
  69. William Greive
  70. Charles Groves (cricketer)
  71. Keith Hardie
  72. Marty Hay
  73. Robert Haywood (Scottish cricketer)
  74. William Heggie
  75. Andrew Henderson (Scottish cricketer)
  76. James Henderson (cricketer)
  77. Willie Hermiston
  78. Thomas Herriot
  79. Stuart Hiddleston (South African!)
  80. Bobby Hill (cricketer)
  81. Sam Hirst (English!)
  82. Robert Hodge (cricketer)
  83. Ronald Hogan
  84. Francis Hoggarth
  85. Gilbert Hole
  86. George Hutton (cricketer)
  87. Andrew Innes (cricketer)
  88. Willie Intin
  89. Peter Jack
  90. Andrew Johnston (cricketer)
  91. Hubert Johnston (cricketer)
  92. Alan Jones (cricketer, born 1927)
  93. Bruce Jones (cricketer)
  94. Forbes Jones
  95. Russell Jones (Scottish cricketer)
  96. Rennie Keith
  97. Neil Kemsley
  98. David Kennedy (cricketer)
  99. Iain Kennedy (cricketer)
  100. James Kennedy (cricketer)
  101. Jack Ker
  102. Mike Kerrigan (cricketer)
  103. John Kirk (cricketer)
  104. Euan Kirkwood
  105. Gareth Kirkwood
  106. Jackie Knight (cricketer)
  107. William Knox (cricketer)
  108. Gordon Laing (cricketer)
  109. Ralph Laing
  110. Dougie Lawrence
  111. Thomas Lawson (cricketer) (Was English!)
  112. Alexander Lindsay (cricketer)
  113. Dave Loudon
  114. Archibald Lyle (cricketer)
  115. Alexander McAllister
  116. Donald McDonald (cricketer)
  117. John McDougall (cricketer)
  118. Robert MacFarlane (cricketer)
  119. Gordon McGurk
  120. Euan McIntyre
  121. Dan Mackay
  122. Douglas Mackessack
  123. Gavin McKiddie
  124. Craig McKnight
  125. Robert McLaren (cricketer)
  126. Alexander McNab (cricketer)
  127. William McNab (cricketer)
  128. Billy McPate
  129. Ian McPherson (cricketer)
  130. Alastair McTavish
  131. Charlie Mannes
  132. James Martin (Scottish cricketer)
  133. Alexander Mathie-Morton
  134. John Matthews (Scottish cricketer)
  135. Charles Melville (cricketer)
  136. David Merson
  137. Jeremy Moir
  138. Robert More (cricketer)
  139. John Mortimer (cricketer)
  140. John Murray (Scottish cricketer)
  141. John Mushet
  142. Muzaffar Mahmood
  143. David Nichol (cricketer)
  144. Robert Nichol (cricketer)
  145. Harry Nixon (cricketer)
  146. Norman Noble
  147. Patrick Oliphant (cricketer)
  148. Donald Orr (cricketer)
  149. James Orr (cricketer)
  150. Sandy Paris
  151. Irvine Parker
  152. Charles Paterson
  153. Joe Paterson (cricketer)
  154. Jack Paton
  155. Mark Patten
  156. Murray Peden
  157. Arthur Plowright
  158. Eddie Pollock - make the subject
  159. Tom Porteous (cricketer)
  160. Frederick Ramsden
  161. William Reid (cricketer)
  162. Earl Reoch
  163. Peter Rhind
  164. Jack Richardson (cricketer)
  165. Mike Richardson (Scottish cricketer)
  166. David Riddell
  167. Dominic Rigby
  168. Jim Roberts (cricketer)
  169. Frank Robertson (cricketer)
  170. John Russell (Scottish cricketer)
  171. Jeremy Sands
  172. Ward Scarff
  173. Charles Scobie
  174. Archie Scott (cricketer)
  175. Ken Scott (Scottish cricketer)
  176. Arthur Sellers (Scottish cricketer)
  177. Harold Sheppard (Scottish cricketer)
  178. Harold Sheppard (English cricketer)
  179. Alexander Simpson (cricketer)
  180. David Simpson (Scottish cricketer)
  181. Addison Smith (cricketer)
  182. Gordon Smith (cricketer)
  183. David Snodgrass
  184. Dennis Soga (South African!)
  185. James Sorrie
  186. Thomas Spowart
  187. Alexander Steele
  188. Alexander Stevenson (cricketer)
  189. Alan Stevenson (cricketer)
  190. David Stevenson (cricketer)
  191. James Stevenson (Scottish cricketer)
  192. David Stewart (cricketer, born 1924)
  193. Hugh Stewart (cricketer)
  194. James Storrie
  195. Walter Storrie
  196. George Strachan (cricketer, born 1932)
  197. William Stuart (cricketer)
  198. Euan Stubbs
  199. Sylvester Sturgeon (English!)
  200. Ian Syme
  201. Robert Tait (cricketer)
  202. Andy Taylor (Scottish cricketer)
  203. Eric Thompson (cricketer)
  204. Jim Thomson (cricketer)
  205. Samuel Thomson (cricketer)
  206. Robert Thorburn (cricketer)
  207. Walter Thorburn
  208. Ben Tod
  209. William Turnbull (cricketer)
  210. Harry Turner (cricketer)
  211. John Walker (Scottish cricketer)
  212. William Walker (Scottish cricketer)
  213. Chris Warner (cricketer)
  214. Ronald Watson
  215. Thomas Watson (Scottish cricketer)
  216. Thomas Watt (cricketer)
  217. William Webster (cricketer, born 1876)
  218. Donald Weir
  219. Scott Weir
  220. William Whitelaw (cricketer)
  221. Eddie Wilson (cricketer)
  222. Stuart Wilson (cricketer)
  223. Mark Wilson (cricketer)
  224. Robert Wilson (cricketer, born 1916)
  225. Robert Wilson (cricketer, born 1935)
  226. James Wyke
  227. William Young (Scottish cricketer)
  228. Morison Zuill - approx 480 notable cricketers

First-class/List A/T20/other teams I completed

  1. Fiji - All Fijian first-class cricketers completed.
  2. Dorset - All Dorset List A cricketers completed.
  3. Bahamas - All Bahamas T20 players completed.
  4. Hampshire - All Hampshire cricketers completed.
  5. Huntingdonshire - All Huntingdonshire List A and notable cricketers completed.
  6. Denmark - All Danish List A players completed.
  7. Wiltshire - All Wiltshire List A cricketers completed.
  8. Berkshire - All Berkshire List A cricketers completed.
  9. Cornwall - All Cornwall List A cricketers completed.
  10. Durham Cricket Board - All Durham CB List A cricketers completed.
  11. Derbyshire Cricket Board - All Derbyshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  12. Essex Cricket Board - All Essex CB List A cricketers completed.
  13. Gloucestershire Cricket Board - All Gloucestershire CB List A cricketers completed.
  14. Hampshire Cricket Board - All Hampshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  15. Kent Cricket Board - All Kent CB List A cricketers completed.
  16. Lancashire Cricket Board - All Lancashire CB List A cricketers completed.
  17. Leicestershire Cricket Board - All Leicestershire CB List A cricketers completed.
  18. Middlesex Cricket Board - All Middlesex CB List A cricketers completed.
  19. Northamptonshire Cricket Board - All Northamptonshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  20. Nottinghamshire Cricket Board - All Nottinghamshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  21. Sussex Cricket Board - All Sussex CB List A cricketers completed.
  22. Warwickshire Cricket Board - All Warwickshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  23. Worcestershire Cricket Board - All Worcestershire CB List A cricketers completed.
  24. Yorkshire Cricket Board - All Yorkshire CB List A cricketers completed.
  25. Guernsey - All 4 notable Guernsey cricketers completed.
  26. Carmarthenshire - All notable Carmarthenshire cricketers completed.
  27. Devon - All Devon List A and notable cricketers completed.
  28. Staffordshire - All Staffordshire List A cricketers completed.
  29. Wales Minor Counties - All Wales Minor Counties List A cricketers completed.
  30. Somerset Cricket Board - All Somerset CB List A cricketers completed.
  31. Surrey Cricket Board - All Surrey CB List A cricketers completed.
  32. Suffolk - All Suffolk List A cricketers completed.
  33. Northumberland - All Northumberland List A cricketers completed.
  34. Oxfordshire - All Oxfordshire List A cricketers completed.
  35. Jersey - All 3 notable Jersey cricketers completed.
  36. Loughborough UCCE/MCCU - All cricketes who have played first-class cricket for them completed.
  37. Durham UCCE/MCCU - All cricketes who have played first-class cricket for them completed.
  38. Herefordshire - All Herefordshire List A and notable cricketers completed.
  39. Denbighshire - All notable Denbighshire cricketers completed.
  40. Buckinghamshire - All Buckinghamshire List A and notable cricketers completed.
  41. Turks and Caicos Islands - All notable Turks and Caicos Islands cricketers completed.
  42. Wales Minor Counties - All Wales Minor Counties List A and notable cricketers completed.
  43. Minor Counties West - All MCW List A cricketers completed.
  44. Montserrat - All Montserrat T20 and other notable players completed.
  45. U.S. Virgin Islands - All notable U.S. Virgin Islands cricketers completed.
  46. Bermuda - All notable Bermudian cricketers completed.
  47. Godalming - All Godalming first-class cricketers completed.
  48. Old Etonians - All Old Etonians first-class cricketers completed.
  49. Wales - All Wales first-class cricketers completed.
  50. The Bs - All The Bs first-class cricketers completed.
  51. Minor Counties - All Minor Counties representative team first-class cricketers completed.
  52. Staffordshire - All Staffordshire List A and notable cricketers completed.
  53. West of England - All West of England first-class cricketers completed.
  54. Cornwall - All Cornwall List A and notable cricketers completed.
  55. Woodbrook Club and Ground - All Woodbrook Club and Ground first-class cricketers completed.
  56. South Wales - All South Wales first-class cricketers completed.
  57. Gentlemen of Ireland - All Gentlemen of Ireland first-class cricketers completed.
  58. Dublin University - All Dublin University first-class cricketers completed.
  59. Ireland - All Ireland cricketers (first-class/List A/Twenty20) pre-Test status completed.




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Where will we be in 10 years???


My prediction for the Test rankings on December 31, 2029:

Next Test nations, January 1, 2030:    Nepal;  Scotland


Top 5 Associates December 31, 2029:

Next first-class county???

Yes, County Cricket isn't in the best financial health, but hopefully the County Championship will admit a new county in the future... but who? My money is on either:

Random things

Pictures of Hampshire players and officials from 2004 to 2009 can be viewed here.

User:Richard Daft, as spotted in his 63rd incarnation, preparing to regenerate into his 64th incarnation
Legalise Weed!!!
What I bowl

Dean Jones on Dominic Cork - "There's one ugly incident that has not gone past the dressing room door until now. It happened in 1997, when I was playing for Derbyshire against the touring Australians. I'd had some stern words with Derby problem child, Dominic Cork, about his attitude and fitness. After we'd spoken, and while I was in the middle batting, he proceeded to distribute the contents of my coffin - five bats, many pairs of gloves and a host of other pieces of equipment - to a heap of kids, leaving me with nothing.

He then proceeded to move my car from the car park to a street some two kilometres away. I informed police, thinking it was stolen, and it was found 48 hours later. Suffice to say I didn't stay too long with that club."


Why has this been rated as of low importance? This seems to a racist valuation. Szczels (talk) —Preceding comment was added at 11:47, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

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