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Some things you can blame me for[edit]

Pages I created[edit]

  1. Kay Lehman Schlozman B-Class article
  2. Simonie Michael C-Class article
  3. 31st Legislature of Yukon Start-Class article
  4. John D. Biggers Start-Class article
  5. Jon Lovett Start-Class article
  6. Kent Carlsson (politician) Stub-Class article
  7. List of Nunavut Legislative Assemblies
  8. Tara McGowan Symbol question.svg
  9. Various redirects and whatnot

Pages I made major contributions to[edit]

Assessment changes:

  1. Numerical linear algebra, from Stub-Class article to C-Class article
  2. Aude Bono-Vandorme (translated from French), from Stub-Class article to Start-Class article
  3. Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, from to Start-Class article

No assessment change:

  1. Political party C-Class article
  2. Law of the unconscious statistician Start-Class article
  3. Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly Stub-Class article

Miscellaneous things I did[edit]

  • I did substantial fact-checking on the List of the first LGBT holders of political offices and the biographies it links to throughout summer 2018. In particular, I spent a huge amount of time in summer 2018 removing LGBT tags and categories from the pages of elected representatives when I could find absolutely no evidence that they are LGBT. I caught a really scary number of these mistakes, which could have extremely serious repercussions for representatives. Before you publicly declare that somebody is LGBT, I beg you to please triple check your sources!
  • I'm very slowly trying to improve political science-related vital articles
  • Though I really like making new pages and big overhauls can be pretty fun too, for some reason I really enjoy random page gnoming for simple MoS violations, making Wikipedia marginally more readable one random page at a time
  • From 11 January 2009 to 2 January 2015 I edited (very occasionally) as User:Darth Wombat.

My magnificent awards[edit]

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My major COIs[edit]