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{  A S U K I T E  }
Native name Okah
Born December 1989
Citizenship United States
Education Lots and lots!
Known for Being known for things
Salary Not nearly enough!
Term 1989 - present
Movement Occasional
Parent(s) 2


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A nice, soothing photograph.

Asukite is a male human who enjoys occasionally editing Wikipedia. He enjoys going through the new page feed and finding delicious original work to consume pages in dire need of correction. Asukite also very much enjoys pinpointing and obliterating vandalism. He will often find himself varying between those two tasks. Don't think that Asukite doesn't also intend to contribute more than formatting and occasional source checking - when he isn't busy with school and work, he plans on assaulting Wikipedia with a new article or two.

Editing philosophy[edit]

I believe in freedom of information, and transparency. I also believe in minimalism. (Funny combination, huh?) Excess information should be condensed or removed, and all information should be properly formatted in a consistent manner. I frequently tag pages for deletion which I feel are unnecessary. I try my hardest to follow the guidelines of Wikipedia, and to give everybody their space. I have no problem making bold edits, but I won't bother where there's controversy. The open philosophy of the Wikipedia project allows users to police nearly everything, and edit warring is futile. Discussion is key. I don't believe in personal attacks, and you won't see me get frustrated or attack another editor. In any argument, facts should be enough. Consensus should be reached in a civil manner. I will not waste my time with people who cannot grasp this concept. Read: I will ignore you if you are incapable of being civil.

Please contact me[edit]

If I make a mistake, please let me know. I spend a lot of time fighting vandalism. (It's a strangely addicting way to pass time when I have absolutely nothing better to do.) I'm liable to make a mistake or two. Usually I'll catch it and correct it. If not, please feel free to correct me and let me know. Please don't be hostile. I don't attempt to be hostile or rude to anybody else, although responding to vandalism is inevitably going to be perceived as disrespectful to some. Thanks!

Contact Information[edit]

Read: Please only email me with sensitive or non-Wikipedia-based matters.