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Free Music Idea[edit]

Main idea is to expand the current idea of just listing currently available music, and instead, list all music available by all composers. Would result in more of a checklist feel and a reference for people looking to make progress.

So things needed would be:

  • A listing of all composers
    • Without those who are born recently enough not to be considerable for free music additions
  • A listing of each of these composers' compositions
    • Sorted into a table with quality, format, etc. fields
  • A progress bar that's automatically filled for each composer would be awesome to keep tabs on the percentage of music available for every composer

Suggestions for improvement[edit]

Other articles[edit]

  • On the Colors Live article, a video chronology is listed - should be a music chronology?
  • On the Colors article, make a Themes section and explain the main 3/4 (or 6/8?) theme - accompany the section with a picture of the notes played on a staff and maybe a MIDI recording of the section on piano
  • Check band interview videos for good info (also do a random YouTube search for interviews, etc.)
  • Make mirrors of the high-quality sources to link to
  • Buy the rest of the band's albums and DVD for knowledge, enjoyment
  • Make notes of suggestions for articles on talk pages
  • Take a picture of Cynic tour shirt, put on Commons? Would be useful?
  • Improve BtBaM album personnel pages by using my albums - take a look at the great misdirect's personnel section
  • Add picture of me and Virgil Donati to Virgil's article?
  • Add my Virgil Donati autograph to Virgil's page as his personal signature?
  • List books I own on my user page, introduce myself to projects as having these books available for research/fact-checking/etc, check if this is already done - maybe there's a template for this type of thing?
  • Maybe make a better image at Help:User_contributions ?
  • has photos of the him to see if he's willing to release them under CC license?
  • Add Alaska instrumental information to the article on Alaska
  • Chart numbers for individual album articles:

Alaska: Heatseekers Albums: peaked at 2, Independent Albums: peaked at 12

Colors: Rock Albums: peaked at 15 || Independent Albums: peaked at 4 || Hard Rock Albums: peaked at 6 || Tastemaker Albums:peaked at 8

The Great Misdirect: Independent Albums: peaked at 7 || Hard Rock Albums: peaked at 6

The singles template for when the Singles section is added: Illegal chart entered {{{1}}}|{{{2}}}

The chart and position parameters are required in all cases, but their labels are not. That is, the first parameter is assumed to be the chart identifier based on its position if no other parameter has the label chart=. Likewise, the second parameter is assumed to be the peak position reached on the chart based on its position in the template if no other parameter has the label peak=.

It is a good practice to always include "song=" and "artist=", even though some uses of the template to not require them. This makes it easier to modify the template in the future if there is a change in the archives referenced by the template. In addition, the artist parameter is used by default to name references for reuse elsewhere in the article.

rowheader defaults to false. If set to true, the chart name will be output as a header, as indicated by WP:ACCESS#Data tables.

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