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Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Wilma 21 oct 2005 1625Z.jpg
Formed May, 2008
Dissipated Still Going
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 215 km/h (130 mph)
Lowest pressure 930 hPa (mbar); 27.46 inHg
Fatalities Me
Damage $5 million (2008-2009 USD)
Areas affected Wikipedia
Part of the 2008-2009 Hurricane season. :D


Hi and welcome to my page all about me. My name is Andrew or on Wikipedia, Athe Weatherman. I am one of many I am sure that believes that Wikipedia is really very good for anything!


I am now studying at Greenhead College in the UK in Huddersfield. There I am studying Chemistry, Physics and Geography.


I have many interests. As you can probobly tell from my username I have a passion for weather and its characteristics and factors of it. As you can also probably see from this article I am interested in science and maths as I am planning to continue studying them. I also like the Earth and the study of Geology.

I also have a passion for music of any type. I particularly like 'Consider Yourself' from the film Oliver and many other things.

Also in this list of interests is films. I particularly enjoy the Day after tomorrow and the Star Wars films. I also enjoy many other sci-fi films. I also enjoy many other classic films such as The Wizard of Oz. I enjoy many musical films such as Oliver. Other films that I particularly enjoy are the The Lord of the Rings and the Disney Pixar Movies. So I think you can see my film tastes are very varied.

I also play the piano at a basic level and hope to continue this.

History is also an interest to me too as I find it very interesting to find out about what has gone on before me and you.

I also like to speak in different languages other than my native English, particularly french. J'espere parler en francais aujourd'hui!! (I hope to speak in french today!!)

I also like video and computer games and going out with friends.


I really do want to go to university to continue my studies of the weather and also chemistry as I have a passion for this. After this I hope to get a good job in these areas and enjoy it.

Service book[edit]

This editor is a Grognard and is entitled to display this Wikipedia Little Red Book.

What I do on Wikipedia[edit]

I revert vandalism a lot now as I am on recent changes and have a rollback feature and Huggle. However, if I feel that an article can be added to, I will contribute to that of course. At the moment, I am working on weather articles, including frougth in the UK, found at my sandbox. I tend to do general things like correcting grammar and typos and things like that, also including trying to keep articles a NPOV. I also try to lighten the mood with wiki smiles and cookies and I do give out barnstars if I feel they are deserved.

My edits on Wikipedia[edit]

I will edit anything that I feel I can contribute to but I tend to edit science articles a lot and also geography articles too. I also try to revert vandalism when I see it. You will often find me at RFA too.

Here are a few of my major edits (although I have edited many times anomalously).

My 1st Edit: Absolute Zero

My 500th edit: A Barnstar given to the user RunningOnBrains!

My 1000th edit: Reverting vandalism with huggle

My 2000th edit: Expansion on Greenhead College

My 4000th edit: Coming Soon

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