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Athelwulf (IPA: [ˈæ.ðəl.ˌwʊlf], ADH-əl-WOOLF, ădh′·əl·wo͝olf), Wikipedian since March 5, 2006, 02:11 UTC (March 4, 6:11 pm PST), 12 years ago.

My username[edit]

"Athelwulf" has been my username for almost everything since the summer of 2004. It is a rough transliteration of two words from a conlang of mine: äþel "noble", and wulf "wolf". At the time I made my name, it was Âðelwulf in my conlang, and sometimes I wrote it like this. Since then, my conlang's orthography changed, and my name would now be rendered Äþelwulf.

Useful templates[edit]

Favorite pictures[edit]

Go to my page on the Wikimedia Commons to see my favorite pictures.