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I'm here basically to add information to musicians' websites and make some of the pages on gear and sound recording at least minimally intelligible to civilians. Cheers.

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Encyclopedia vs textbook[edit]

Ok, so encyclopedia vs textbook. Hard concept, right? One is a collection of concise, introductory articles on noteworthy subjects. The other is 4000 word chapters on the acoustics of rotary speakers and lots of funky-looking equations. Folks, if you want to write the latter, swell. But please do it here:

Some of us are just looking for some quick answers! I don't want anyone to have to take a course in audio engineering just to get the gist of the article on EQ.

Some things about me[edit]

  • I like to write things people can read.
  • I’m much more likely likelier to cut words than add them.
  • I believe in using words like “pitch”, “loudness” and “sound” as well as “frequency”, “amplitude” and “signal”.


  • Translate articles pertaining to sound effects and recording from Gearweigan to English, since not everyone is born knowing what "signal", "line-level", "gain" and "outboard" are.
  • Vastly improve the articles pertaining to analog recording.

Pages I've got my eye on[edit]

Pages I've contributed to[edit]

Here are some pages I've either created or contributed to significantly:

And in case you were wondering[edit]

The greatest living rock and roll drummer is:

The greatest living rock and roll bassist is:

But the guitarist I like most, just because, is: