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Atlantis Hawk
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Yes I know my user page looks like a plain piece of paper![edit]

Today's Trivia[edit]

Octopuses generally have a lifespan of only one year.

A brief hello[edit]

Hello there, I've been editing for over a year now and have now started to take an intrest in articles for deletion debates. I also believe that all schools are notable, to the dislike of a couple of people (just ask TJ Spyke).

A little story[edit]

I remember in 2001 (before the dinosaurs in internet time) when I first saw Wikipedia. I was looking up 'seagulls' but found no article. I think I may have searched a few other things as well but found Wikipedia to be useless, so I then avoided Wikipedia for over three years. When I came back, I realised I could actually edit the page and realised that Wikipedia was now a very popular choice to people wanting to learn a couple of things. Now I edit on an almost daily basis and my goal is to become an admin.


See what people have thought of me in editor reviews right here.

500 edits[edit]

as of Wednesday, the 22nd of November, 2006
500th edit: Right-handedness (removed irrelevant segment)