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My name is David Youngberg. I'm currently an assistant professor of economics at Bethany College. I consider myself an economist, first and foremost, though I dabble in history, politics and the sciences. I'm also a friend and colleague of box-loving economist, Michael Thomas.

I've been using Wikipedia for several years. I can't remember where I first heard about it but it might have been at an IHS summer seminar. If you've never been to an IHS seminar and are interested in the topic of liberty, I strongly suggest you attend.


Born May 31, 1981. A Sunday.

Second son of Roland and Susan Youngberg
In Davenport, IA

Raised in Davenport


Rivermont Collegiate, class of 2000 (though it was called St. Katharine's/St. Marks when I was there)
Beloit College, class of 2004
Majored in Political Science and Economics
George Mason University, class of 2011
Ph.D. in Economics

Wikipedia Projects & Interests[edit]

  • Chiefly concerned with expanding and adding economic-related entries.
  • From time to time, I add my two cents to science, history and political articles.
  • Gathered together, these four disciplines encapsulate my primary research interest: institutions of technological development, or the economics of science.