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I'm Atsi Otani. I'm a Japanese/English translator that lives in Sendai, Japan. I'm also an amateur musician. I mainly play keyboards and electric bass, but I can pick up the guitar or bang on drums to a certain extent.



To do list for Sendai

  • Create "see also..." pages when necessary
  • Expand domestic sister cities
  • Create symbols
  • Put politics, wards, /symbols, and the two sister city sections under something like "politics and symbols"
  • Put geography and climate under something like "geography and climate"
  • Expand Education
  • Create performing arts under culture
  • Need images for wards, symbols, climate (temperature/precipitation?), demographics (population graph?). Need a lot of nice pictures.
  • Could do something about the city's expansion history. Maybe a good diagram?


Survived Vfd vote. Need to research.
Merged both articles into Matsudaira Katamori. Currently searching for good references.
  • Date Masamune - the last time I looked at the article, it was absolutely horrible.
Got reference. Now reading.
  • Check municipalities in Miyagi. There's not much I can do to expand the articles, but checking can't hurt.
A lot are not titled "name_of_city, Miyagi" but "name_of_city". Should I create a lot of redirects?
They're all City/Town, Miyagi now. Someone changed 'em...-William McDuff 13:18, 21 September 2005 (UTC)
  • Figure out the proper licensing for the maps in the Japanese municipality pages. The ja.wikipedia's village pump indicates that the Japanese wikipedians actually are confused themselves. Could take some time.


Articles that can be improved[edit]

Just notes to self

  • Pachinko - I rarely play pachinko, but I still notice some glaring errors in the article. The writers probably don't know hanemono or kenrimono, and probably have very limited knowledge of pachisuro. The article focuses on degipachi, the most popular form, but that isn't all there is.
  • Bullfighting - Could use a description of bullfighting in Japan.
  • Battle of Nagashino - Information is obsolete. As a result of modern research, the Takeda army is no longer considered to have posessed a killer calvary. Even worse, Nobunaga's volley fire has been essentially proved to be nothing but a legend.