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Attempt2onwiki is a username on wikipedia. In real life, he is an 18 year old college student who lives in Florida. He is "politically tonedeaf" and claims that "it's hard to be Independent, when there's a political party calling themselves 'Independent'". He has a passion for learning and writing and believes that only positive experiences may ensue from this 2nd attempt on wikipedia.


"Attempt2onwiki" created his wikipedia account on August 31, 2010 in order to give editing wikipedia another chance. He had tried to edit wikipedia in the past, but was discouraged and quit after the following event happened. After laboring over creating a particular page for 22 hours (minus meals and personal needs), he (under a different username) finally submitted his 3 page+ long report about an underground street gang because he felt that the public needed to know about the gang's presence so that a gang unit could be created in the area before the gang got too big. It was deleted 5 minutes later by one of Wikipedia's staff who claimed, that without verifiable nor reliable resources to back the page up, the page was invalid and had been deleted. (Unfortunately, since the gang was underground, no sources could be found anyway to back the story up.) In his anger, the user made the mistake of pretending like he was a member of the gang he was writing about in hopes of striking fear into the Wiki-administrator. Needless to say, the attempt was futile. The administrator gave a second reason to support the deletion- that editors cannot be related nor connected with their subjects. The administrator did agree to send a copy of the deleted page to his e-mail, but the user never logged in again under that username. In 2010(after the destruction/fizzling-out of the gang in his page), he joined Wikipedia once again, swearing never to bring that article to the nose of Wikipedia again even if he had references. Today, he creates pages for gangs that actually have references by looking for the references first, and he never makes any article too long for fear that it may be deleted. Attempt2onwiki claims himself as a novice at editing and makes the occassional mistake that he learns from. He also plans on editing other pages besides just gang-related pages, but only pages that interest him.

  • He does have a grim outlook on Wikipedia, even though it fascinates him.
  • Was that neutral enough for you Wiki?
  • Attempt2onwiki
  • (PS) I apologize for any sarcasm that may be directed at wikipedia. The intentions of the sarcasm are meant solely for the purpose, to express "Attempt2onwiki"'s feelings and to strengthen the plot around the user.


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