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About my Wiki-self
Hey there! I am Aua and I have been here since 2007. Wikipedia is a fun and very collaborative place, and I'd like to help keep it that way.

About my real-self
All I can tell you about myself is that I'm an internal medicine resident physician, that crimson runs in my blood, and that I'm from the true North, strong and free.

About my interests
Lots of things get me excited about editing: educational institutions, science, or history of science.

What have I created around here?

I have 7 DYKs and significantly contributed to (and also nominated) 2 good articles:
1. Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg Green marketing
2. Symbol support vote.svgCscr-candidate.svg Apple

Here is a sample of some articles I wrote from scratch around here:
1. 05/01/2008 Super Comedy (later merged)
2. 05/01/2008 Baby When the Light
3. 29/07/2008 Symbol question.svg SWEAT (hypothesis)
4. 29/07/2008 SWEAT (DAB)
5. 30/07/2008 CBS Mobile
6. 31/07/2008 Yaw axis (later merged into Aircraft principal axes)
7. 31/07/2008 Symbol question.svg Panemone
8. 01/08/2008 Acid radical
9. 02/08/2008 Cutoff voltage
10.06/08/2008 Aeolian landform
11.14/08/2008 Symbol question.svgGA candidate.svg Photorejuvenation

And some articles more recently:
12. Andrew Berry
13. Mubarak port
14. Thomas Schwarz
15. Abdul Jabbar Abdullah
16. Jafar Dhia Jafar
17. Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Some templates I created:
1. 18/02/2008 Template:WPIraq_Sidebar
2. 21/02/2008 Template:Iraq_Barnstar_2
3. 25/02/2008 Template:Baghdad-stub
4. 28/02/2008 Template:Kosovo_Barnstar
5. 18/02/2008 *My very own welcome template!

And a category I created:
1. 25/02/2008 Category:Baghdad_stubs