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A Prothonotary Warbler
A Corn Crake

Greetings from Ireland. I teach at Maynooth University as part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

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I use the Outreach Dashboard to coordinate class activities.

I am a historian by training and an amateur ornithologist (my favorite birds are the Corn crake and the Prothonotary warbler). My handle is the name of a 19th century revolutionary, Louis Auguste Blanqui.

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I just want to say that Boris Yeltsin circling over Shannon diplomatic incident is a very good and detailed article. It made some interesting reading for me having not really known much about the incident before. It's always nice to see new pages like this of lesser known history relating to Ireland. VG31 00:11, 23 April 2017 (UTC)
I award you with this barnstar of William the Faience Hippopotamus in recognition of your good work at the Met Open Access Artworks Challenge!

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