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Welcome! My name is Distico, and I was born in the wonderful city: Atri in Italy. Atri is a small and historic town in central Italy, more precisely it is in the Abruzzo region, indeed, more specifically, it is in the Province of Teramo. From what you see in my Babel you can see I'm a person very interested in science, in fact I have great passion for it.

Contacting me[edit]

You contact me in my page on


Atri Cathedral

It is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Atri, which was built on the remains of an earlier Romanesque church.

The Cathedral incorporates a 56 meter high campanile, or bell tower, and a very handsome cloister. Inside is a frescoes cycle by the 15th century Abruzzi painter Andrea de Litio (or Delitio). The Diocesian museum is also located in the Cathedral. The crypt of the cathedral of the modern town was originally a large Roman cistern; another forms the foundation of the ducal palace; and in the eastern portion of the town there is a complicated system of underground passages for collecting and storing water.

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My Babel[edit]

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I am learning Swedish

I like getting simple messages from people in Swedish, but unfortunately I am not quite ready to engage in real conversations in Swedish.

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You see, Wikipedia is not only a marvelous project — it is also a marvelous multilingual project. For those who speak other languages than English, here's my name translated or transliterated to some other languages...

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