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Skyline of Austin

Skyline of Austin Texas. Scroll right or left.

Austex is the user name for a writer, published author, and individual from Austin, Texas who commonly edits on a wide variety of Austin, Round Rock and other articles throughout Travis and Williamson counties.

As an editing courtesy, please place all comments or feedback
on the "Discussion" page only and not on this page.


As of July 11, 2010 my signature changed to: AustexTalk  
For my own editorial remarks I now use "North Texas Green" color #059033
Which apparently originated HERE

@ This user can be reached by email.
PR Works in Public Relations and Public Affairs (member PRSA)
PR Is a PR specialist in Reputation and Crisis Management
Writer Is a professional author, writer or journalist
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Piri Reis map of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.jpg This user collects pre-statehood Texas maps, currency and memorbilia.
Flag of Texas.svg Texas was its own independent country until it was annexed into the United States in 1845.

Pages that I have created[edit]

Pages that I have very substantially edited[edit]

My subpages[edit]

User:Austex/Text of Articles
User:Austex/Special Page/Article Texts
User:Austex/Donald G. Martin
User:Austex/Donald G. Martin (Austin Texas)
User:Austex/Antlers Hotel (Kingsland Texas)
User Talk:Austex/Paulajakobs
User Talk:Austex/Archive
User Talk:Austex/Archive1
User Talk:Austex/Archive2
User Talk:Austex/Archive3
User Talk:Austex/Citations

Current Projects[edit]

1) I am currently making regular edits to these and other Central Texas articles:

2) Developing and maintaining several articles on "alternative Wiki" sites
because they were otherwise deemed not notable enough for Wikipedia.
Just ask if you'd like to see them and I will give you the url
At least one is being extensively re-edited from scratch, with a neutral point of view,
for possible re-submittal to Wikipedia.

3) Experimenting with creating new userboxes and other items on Wikipedia in the sandbox
4) Experimenting with text boxes with varying background colors

Edit history[edit]

Active peer reviews[edit]

My Interests[edit]

Personal interests[edit]

My kids and family, Writing (I am a published author), Austin media relations, reading, my Kindle, my new iPad, Lake Travis, sailing, collecting Texas pre-state Texas memorabilia, collecting fossils, collecting postcards, travel (especially Cozumel, Mexico), my work, and ocassionally editing on Wikipedia on a very part time basis here and there as time permits.

Business interests[edit]

Writing, public affairs, communications, public relations, crisis management, crisis communications, reputation management, issues management and reputton managment, and Internet reputation management. My new Internet reputation management site is [[1]]

Barnstars I have been awarded[edit]

Resilient Barnstar.png The Resilient Barnstar
For tireless work improving the Round Rock, Texas page to create

the best possible article. Iluvrr (talk) 14:40, 4 August 2010 (UTC)

Citation Formats for Copying[edit]

  • How to create a Talkback {{talkback|User Talk:Austex}} -- or -- {{talkback|User Talk:Austex/section}} on the respondents talk page.

  • (Note: Pre-prepared citations from local books and resources re Round Rock, Georgetown and Williamson County are are available at: [User:Austex/Sandbox]

  • Wikipedia has an automatic "citation generator" located HERE
You just fill in the blanks and it generates a relatively decent fully formatted citation.

  • Or feel free to copy and paste the following citation formats into your article and then fill in the blanks:

  • WEB CITATION: . . . <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |author= |date= |work= |publisher= |accessdate= }}</ref>

  • NEWS CITATION: . . . <ref>{{cite news |title= |first= | last= |coauthors= |newspaper= |date= |url= |accessdate= }}</ref>

  • BOOK CITATION: . . . <ref>{{cite book |title= |last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |year= |publisher= |location= |isbn= |page= |pages= |url= |ISBN= |accessdate= }}</ref>
(Note: On books the ISBN number is important but can use either the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number)

  • CITE JOURNAL: . . .<ref>{{Cite journal| last= | first = | authorlink= | coauthors= | title= | journal = | volume= | issue= | pages= | publisher= | location= | date= | url= | issn= | doi= | id= | accessdate = }}</ref>

  • FREEFORM CITATION . . .<ref>{{Citation| last = | first = | author-link = | last2 = | first2 = | author2-link = | title = | date = | year = | url = | accessdate = }}</ref>


For more examples of citation templates from Wikipedia go HERE

Article texts site[edit]

  • User:Austex/Special Page/Article_Texts is used to place full articles or portions of articles that are only available through paid archive subscriptions. In such cases the actual text is transposed to this page.

Use of COLOR[edit]

  • To simplify, hit edit and then copy the code below and insert your color # (don't forget to use the # sign before the actual color number):
Bold colored text #800080 goes here
  • Here is how the code actually looks in edit format:
<span style="color:#800080">''' Bold colored text #800080 goes here''' </span>
Translates as: Bold colored text #800080 goes here </spa
  • For a complete list of all available colors you can use click: HERE

  • For my own editorial remarks I use "North Texas Green" color #059033
I copy this code: ' text here '


  • For large type use {{{ 1 }}} with <span style="font-size:large">{{{ 1 }}}</span>

  • For carriage returns and spacing, use: <br> for line break; or <\nl> for new line; or {{pad|4em}} where the number is an amount of length in px.

  • Code for creating a box (change color code #FFAD2 for a different background color):
{{-}}<div align="center"> {| style="border-bottom: black 1px solid; text-align: center; border-left: black 1px solid; background-color: #d8ffd8 ; border-top: black 1px solid; border-right: black 1px solid" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" width="30%" |- ! Text goes here, this background color is #D8FFD8, and the box size is 30% wide. |} </div> :::Translates as:
Text goes here, this background color is #d8ffd8, and the box size is 30% wide.

  • For conflicts of interest edits use template: {{Request edit}}

  • For leaving a talkback note use: {{talkback|User or talk name|Section}}


Userboxes Created[edit]

See Sandbox for a list an variety of backgrounds.

Cool Tools[edit]


Special fun images[edit]

For something fun, this
animated image is created
with this file:


Also for your enjoyment:
Newtons cradle animation book 2.gif


License corrections[edit]

File:Packsaddle.jpg . . .no license Deleted Relicensed.
File:Antlers caboosses.jpg . . . Lic by Dennis Thomas 2/10/11 by mail No action by OTRS
File:Dell Diamond DM.jpg . . . License provided but missing
Note: Garfield McConico image: File:McConico.jpg has been deleted by OTRS July 28, 2010.
New Replacement Image instead: Ticket#2011081610019755 File:McConico2.jpg
Note: Austin book cover scan.jpg has been cleared by OTRS


Images I have uploaded[edit]

Below is list of all images I have personally up-loaded in order to keep track of the filenames. Some of these are filed in Wikimedia Commons and are used on other Wiki-related sites that connect to Mikimedia Commons (even through not used in a Wikipedia article). Where additonal licensing was neeeded it is shown below.

Simply click on any photo to obtain the File:name for use in articles and all additional data and licenses.

So, in no particular order:

My Photo gallery[edit]


Images used in articles but not Uploaded by Me[edit]

  • These are images used by me in editing various articles (but were uploaded by others to Wikipedia or Commons images)


Links re Don Martin[edit]

See also from Don Martin: