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Autumn Forrester began editing Wikipedia in 2006. Most of her edits at that time were simply grammatical corrections, such as elimating first and second person references or spelling errors. Her forray into article creation began with the creation of the Pine Castle Christian Academy article and continued with adding related articles: the PCCA (disambiguation) page, the stubs under it, and the Beacon Foundation stub. In 2007, Forrester began to work with her cohort, saksjn, cleaning his articles and advising him on formatting. She considers her first "serious" article to be Federalism in the United States, as it is the most universally relevant topic that she has edited, and it links several other related articles under one unifying overview.


Forrester's other contribution has been to get saksjn and Kinkijui KNK to edit Wikipedia.


Forrester believes that Wikipedia is a catalouge of all human knowledge. She creates articles that reflect lesser known areas of life; local interest articles have a place on Wikipedia, too.


Autumn Forrester also has a page on the Simple English Wikipedia.


At one time, Dr. Worm feared for the security of his identity, so much so that he created Autumn Forrester. He reasoned that a pseudonym of the opposite sex would throw identity thieves off his scent, but, as the summer of 2007 drew to a close, he realized that this notion was silly. Therefore, he sent Autumn on a quest to discover the Lost Continent of Happy Vanilla Coffee Beans; she is, and forevermore shall be, on this mission.