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Autumn Marie Siegel[edit]

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Research & Development Team Member, Graphics Designer, Multimedia Developer, Staff Artist & Writer, Machine & Shop Worker, Quality Control, Traditional & Integrative Medicine Researcher

I joined wiki as an editor to contribute to the knowledge pool of robotics, sciences, alternative medicine and visual & literary arts!

MRISAR Institute of Science, Art & Robotics; 1 of the 4 Members of MRISAR’s world renowned Robotics & Rehabilitation Robotics Research & Development Team, Graphics Designer, Multimedia Developer, Staff Artist & Writer, Machine & Shop Worker, Quality Control, Traditional & Integrative Medicine Researcher. We design & fabricate the world's most durable & largest selection of public use robotics. Our "Rehabilitation Robotics" and "Public Use Robotics" work has been presented before and/or published and awarded by: the United Nations, NASA-Emhart, Stanford (ICORR), Cambridge (CWUAAT), ICORR, RO-MAN, IEEE, Discover Awards, International Federation of Robotics (IFR), THEA Award, etc.

Our Research & Development Team consists of MRISAR's Founders John Siegel & Victoria Lee Croasdell (my parents), my sister Aurora Siegel, and myself. My sister and I started helping with R & D when we were preschoolers.

MRISAR was created in 1993 by its founders to help fund and promote their research and development in Humanitarian based Robotics and other scientific elements by incorporating aspects of the technologies they develop into “Public Use Robotic and Science & Art Interactive Devices” that are sold world-wide to Science & Technology Centers, Museums, Universities, NASA, domestic & foreign governments, royalty, and the film industries, etc., to generate income. MRISAR resides in a 36,000 sq. ft. complex and often provides “Free Admission Public Events” at their facility and “Free On-location Events” at other public educational institutions. They hope to inspire the upcoming generation to create careers in responsible technologies that improve the quality of life. So far they have funded all of their own R & D. Everything they design is fabricated "In-House", in their own labs and shops!

World Robotics; Service Robotics; We were the only company in the world to be awarded an entire chapter regarding our work in the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) “World Robotics; Service Robotics Survey, 2011”: The IFR Statistical Department, which is hosted by the VDMA Robotics + Automation association in Frankfurt, Germany publishes the studies "World Robotics" every year . This unique publication presents comprehensive global statistics on service robotics, market analysis, case studies and international research strategies of service robotics. The study is evaluated in cooperation with their partner the Fraunhofer IPA, in Stuttgart, Germany. Many technological companies world wide, submit reports in the hope of being chosen by a panel of experts to be featured in the publication.

IEEE RO-MAN 2003; Cybernetics and Robotics; published by and presented before the IEEE RO-MAN 2003; International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, October 31 - November 2, 2003, Millbrae, CA, USA. Sponsored by: IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Robotics Society of Japan, Hosei University, Hosei University Research Institute, California, New Technology Foundation. Technical Sponsors: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Virtual Reality Society of Japan. With Additional Support from Faculty and Staff of: Stanford University, VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Immersion Corporation, Intuitive Surgical Inc.

ICORR '99;; Our project was 1 of the 5 Rehabilitation Robotic Prototypes to be chosen World Wide to be demonstrated before the "International Conference On Rehabilitation Robotics" at Stanford University, California in July 1999. Our paper "Interfacing Artificial Autonomics, Touch Transducers & Instinct Into Rehabilitation Robotics" was published by Stanford University. Our 1990's circa, original innovative research & development in "Facial Feature Controlled Technology" and "Artificial Sense of Touch Technology", (Adaptive Technology prototypes for the disabled), helped pioneer those fields!

Kummullinen Studio Co-Creator, Co-owner. Self-taught; Artist, Writer, Graphics Designer, Multimedia Developer, Photographer. Kummullinen is a family team of self-taught highly eccentric, reclusive, artistic geniuses & a prodigious savant; consisting of my mother, sister and I. Each of us has disabilities, which hinder participation in social immersion!

Education for Prosperity; A 501-C 3 nonprofit org. Honorary board member from 1996 to 2012. In 2004 merged it with a charitable project called "The Friends of Pichon" and changed the name. EfP primarily assists the village of Pichon, Haiti, to educate their children in the hopes of empowering the next generation with the knowledge to overcome severe poverty conditions.

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