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your derp is over here, jane

that time when someone tried to get something 'discusting' removed from the encylopedia to 'encourage sourcing.' /* fuck you, guy */

i've been an editor here since mid-2004. i am mostly retired but occasionally show up to edit things that are important to me.

food for thought[edit]

Ever wonder what you're doing here on wikipedia, and why you and other people do it? Consider making use of the very resource you hope to improve, and look into societal dynamics and the downfall of empires.

Check some of these articles out. They may help you understand where wikipedia is today and why some of its users (myself included) act the way they do:

a little bit about jane (me)[edit]

If you'd like to reach me, you may use the e-mail link on your left. I maintain a markdown document on github you may use to find various ways to find me.

I am a systems engineer. I do Unix stuff. I work in transportation.

As for editing, I'm mostly an adherent to 1RR and won't argue with people. It's time-consuming and stupid, and people do enough arguing without me.

things you could be doing to make the project better[edit]

  • Writing articles
  • Fixing grammar and spelling issues to improve the perception that the encyclopedia is being built by amateurish hacks instead of intelligent writers
  • Finding primary sources for articles which lack them
  • Finding replacement images for the content the pencil-pushers are carelessly destroying
  • Contributing to articles which are merely "good" articles to get them to featured article status.
  • Working on the WP:1.0 project.
  • Mentoring new users to the project so that they, too, understand that there are more constructive ways to improve the encyclopedia (like the ways I am listing above).
  • Translating articles from en to the other wikis in languages you may know other than English.
  • Finding experts you may know in fields which the encyclopedia lacks content and evangelizing the mission of the wikipedia project: see if you can get them to contribute content if you cannot do it yourself.

awesome wikipedians you could learn a lot from[edit]

There seem to have been some casualties and not all of us are still around. It's really too bad, but there's churn. I encourage you to find someone who has been around a really long time and try to figure out what wikipedia is and how to help make it better.

most recently signed & dated[edit]

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