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In the unlikely event someone wants to know more about me, Google finds me very easily. This page refers to me only as a Wikipedia user/editor, not as a person.

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Main article: Avt_tor contributions

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I have initiated or am monitoring possible deletions and clean-up actions on Wikipedia. Deletions are always a bit controversial; opinions (in favor or opposed) are invited.

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Some knowledge is good. Some knowledge is bad. When they are jumbled together, you have chaos, and which is entropy, which has the side effect of flames. If you draw lines between what is good and what is bad, what is good will shine, and what is bad will dwindle and fade into darkness. The table of contents is order, which is peace, which is good. Use what is good not as a sword to strike at your foes, but as a glancing shield to deflect their attacks upon you, and when you are not destroyed, your enemies will become somewhere else. Or sometimes even, someone else, like a friend. Keep your tables clean and orderly, and your knowledge will grow and prosper.

Some things are one thing. Some things are the other thing. Some things are one thing and the other thing at the same time. This is the category. Some things do not need to stand in opposition from each other in order to achieve a victory; sometimes, different things can be combined together to form a greater thing, stronger and taller by its bond than any of its components could be. This is the intersection of categories, which can have more than zero members. Become one and the other, together, and become strong.

Truth can be seen. Look out the window. Be in the world. When you see and know the truth, you can find the truth, and you can say it, but until you see it, you will not believe it in your heart, and you will never be able to find it, even if you step in the middle of it. See, and then know, and then do. Do not hide in knowledgelessness, for you cannot learn what you cannot see.



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