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Relaxation Through Poetry is just that, getting oneself, or a group of people to relax by using poetry. There is a lot of work in the world of English that could go under the category of poetry. Whether it be Narrative poetry, Lyric poetry, Epic poetry, Verse (poetry), Dramatic verse or Dramatic Poetry, Satirical Poetry, Children's poetry such as Dr. Suess, or even something like the lyrics of an N.W.A song. Relaxation Through Poetry is another example of one of the many branches that Poetry covers. There are many different times where using relaxation through poetry can come into good use, as well as many different positives that one should use poetry to relax. Everybody experiences stress from time to time, and a good majority would most likely face great deals of stress daily. Poetry can do nothing but help that stress, whether it be a five line poem, or sixteen line ballad. That being said, there are several things that can go under the branch of Relaxation Through Poetry.

Forms of Relaxation Poetry[edit]

  • Meditative poetry, developed for the use of meditation.
  • Poetry of Yoga, an Anthology composed by a yoga teacher who believes poetry greatly helps his practice.
  • Anxiety Poems which are poems used to help those who have anxiety, severe or minor, control their symptoms.
  • Jazz poetry and song poem use soothing songs with simple lyrics that are very often considered great poetry.
  • Children's poetry, a very large category due to the fact that many children pick up the ability to read quicker by reading short poems and Nursery rhymes. These often help children relax or sleep.

Circumstances It May Be Used[edit]

People taking part in visualization at the workplace, which can be a very stressful environment(Waiting approval from owner).

There are several different opportunities where someone or a group of people could use poetry to relax. If someone was stressed they could take a few minutes out of their stressful life and read one of their favorite shore poems. Even a short inspirational quote may be an example of poetry. Starting the day off with a memorable Haiku poem is a way to get going in a positive direction. At coffee houses or coffee bars you will often see forms of lyrical poems over light snaps or small taps of the drums, creating a calm and quiet atmosphere that people can go to in order to "escape reality". In everyday situations, a short lullaby or nursery rhyme is often used to help infants and young children go to sleep or calm down. They rhyming in children's books like Dr. Seuss can engage the children's attention better than a novel, which keeps them focused and relaxed. Another common, and somewhat surprising example of poetry being used for relaxation is for athletes prior to a game or to a large group of people who are wanting some stress relief. Another common name for this is Visualization. This is where a narrator will stand in a room of people and ask them to close there eyes. The speaker will run the group through a scenario, often dealing with calm ocean waters or a crisp fall breeze, soothing the listeners almost as if their bodies are suspended and unable to move. All of these techniques are common ways to relax by the use of poetry.


Here are a few more poems that are classified as relaxation poems.

Reasons It Should Be Used[edit]

Relaxation through poetry can be very helpful in many different ways. Whether you've just had a horrible day, or been going on nearly a month of rough days, it can never hurt to try and relieve some stress, and poetry is often successful in doing so. Dr. Rachel Glik has stood by using poetry in her counseling. She states that, "Whether you are an American teenager or Russian Immigrant Elder, you can be a poet. You may not choose to be, but trust me — It's in there! I discovered this when my own pen hit the blank page (with no creative writing background) and from years of doing poetry seminars for all ages. Writing is a beautiful tool for healing and freeing your authentic self — particularly when we wave away the inner editor and LET GO."[1]. Poetry can also help depression rates go down in a way, reports an article released in the UK. [2] It has also been said that nursery rhymes are the best thing a parent can read to their young child. They help them relax, pick up on silly words and words that rhyme, and most importantly help them learn to read easier later on in life. Repeating rhymes is also good because this teaches a child to memorize them, by habit, which causes their brain to think critically at an early stage in life. [3]

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