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Just another contributor who wants the world of civilized beings to be a better informative place.

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Ballsizes.JPG This user plays ping pong.
Indies This user is a huge fan of small films.
Chinese and old North American cleavers.JPG This user is an
American Psycho.
Rubik's cube scrambled.svg This user escaped from the Cube.
Cycling (road) pictogram.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Cycling
Bike-icon.svg This user is into Road bike racing.
The Ugly When this user has to shoot, he shoots. Doesn't talk.
Swimming pictogram.svg This user is a swimmer.
WMAP 2010.png This user loves astronomical cosmology.
Cricket bat.svg This user is an All-Rounder Cricketball.png
Cocktail1.jpg This user likes his Martinis shaken, not stirred.
Sciences exactes.svg This user lives for
Nuvola apps edu science.svg
Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG.jpg This user misses Pluto. May its planethood rest in peace.
Tennis Racket and Balls.jpg This user plays tennis.
Milstar.jpg YYYEEEESSSS!!
This user is INVINCIBLE!!
A Ten Billion Year Stellar Dance.jpg This user believes that we live in a multiverse.
Ceres RC1 single frame by Dawn, 12 February 2015.jpg Don't worry, Pluto, I'm not a planet either.
Crane suture metopique 01 04 2012 1.jpg This user believes that when you die, YOU DIE!!.
9ball rack 2.jpg This user plays nine-ball.
MyCn18-crop.png This user visits Astronomy Picture of the Day every day.
IEEE This user is a member of the IEEE.
Brain mechanism.svg
This user knows that the mainstream media is just a brainwashing tool.
Custom swingline.jpg This user wonders if you've seen his stapler?.
Albert Einstein Head.jpg This user has been tested and is a Certified Nerd.
Alfred Hitchcock NYWTS.jpg
Good evening! This user loves films by Alfred Hitchcock.
This user loves films by
Stanley Kubrick
Towel blue decorativepattern closeup.jpg
This user is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.
Lq-dna.png This user understands biological evolution.
Smiley green alien sleepy.svg This user likes to sleep.
Jimmy McMillan Blue 2 2011 Shankbone.jpg This user thinks the rent is too damn high!
Lynch This user is a fan of David Lynch's films.
atheos This user is an atheist.

Tarantino This user is a fan of Quentin Tarantino's films.
Bowling.jpg This user abides. White-Russian-01.jpg
Beer mug.svg Beer respects me.
Y Chromosome DNA.png This user belongs to Y chromosome DNA haplogroup


Richard dawkins lecture.jpg This user knows that
Richard Dawkins is the
one and only God.
Pleiades large.jpg This user knows that space is the future.
This user is a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Video-x-generic.svg This user enjoys films.
5 This user is a WikiAdult.
Wormhole jet.jpg This user's favorite subject is physics.
North by Northwest movie trailer screenshot (38).jpg This user enjoys Film, particularly Film Noir and Alfred Hitchcock.
Dilbert minimalista.svg This user has the knack.
R This user loves horror films, but hates torture films.
Uranus2.jpg This user is interested in space-related articles.
There are
types of people. Those who read binary and those who don't.
pilota This user thinks Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.
PULP The truth're the weak, and I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin' Ringo...I'm tryin' REAL HARD to be the shepherd.
Enceladusstripes cassini.jpg This user would like to
ski Enceladus.
Alpine skiing pictogram.svg
Black hole quasar NASA.jpg This user has seen all of Carl Sagan's Cosmos.
KR This user is a fan of the original Knight Rider.
The Usual Suspects This user works for Keyser Söze.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user participated in the
Earth Hour event.
This user understands Physics at a graduate level.