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    Wikipedia editor. Tech nerd working on some scripts (kind of).

    My only bot account is User:Awesome Bot.

    To do[edit]

    • Work more on RC patrol script

    My Scripts[edit]

    • CatMan - a (soon to be robust) category manager that uses OOUI and that actually works on Timeless.
    • /DetectProtectionLevels - detects the protection levels of the page and replaces/adds the appropriate topicon.
    • Draft script - adds the ability to save pages as a draft on your local computer.
    • WikiBreak enforcer - a script that kind of tries to enforce a wikibreak by disabling "edit" links and editboxes.
    • infiniscroll - adds infinite scrolling to a few pages.
    • My Links - a script that allows for the use of "My Links", similar to wikiHow's feature.
    • AER - a script that adds a tool for handling Edit Requests. Contains some code from WP:EPH.
    • One Click Delete - script that allows you to nominate an article for speedy deletion quickly. (Does not notify the creator though like Twinkle does.)
    • Quick Note - adds "quick note" buttons that allows leaving a personal message to an editor from a diff
    • SRGL - a script that adds a form that allows requesting users be locked.
    • Redirect Creator - a script that makes creation of redirects quicker.
    • RC Patrol - a script that facilitates patrolling of recent changes
    • RCWidget - a script that adds a widget to the sidebar allowing for patrolling of recent changes
    • XFD Voting tool - a script that makes participating in XfDs a bit easier.
    • Search Engine script - adds buttons to search Wikipedia with Google and Bing.

    Topics of Interest[edit]

    Mainly tech topics.


    I usually do antivandalism work here, but I also am a coder so I do work on some scripts as well.

    Some Flat Icons That Could Have Use on English Wikipedia[edit]

    These are relevant because IMHO Wikipedia is starting to look a bit dated (seven years dated to be exact).

    More here.

    And Some That Are Being Used Now[edit]

    These are just locks being used in page protection templates (and my user script).

    The End[edit]

    Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any questions.

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