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So who the hell am I?[edit]

G'day mate! My real name is Justin King, but you can call me AmazingJus (the bonzer one ay). I was born in 1978 in Sydney, Down Under 'Straya. My favourite interests include editing on Wikipedia, linguistics and phonology (and learning other languages), politics, culture and religion. However, most of all, I love listening to EDM, especially Martin Garrix, Tiesto and Hardwell. I used to obsessively watch and listen to Eurovision, but in mid 2017 that has slowly been replaced by EDM as I needed something more serious, rather than frivolous to listen to.

I am highly suspected to have Adult ADHD hyperactive/impulsive-type (ADHD-PH), which has been proposed due to my childhood life. Thinking back, that is what had most likely caused me to appear intolerant, inconsiderate, impulsive or even immature to whom I've encountered. It may still slip out right now in real life, even sometimes in my edit activity on Wikipedia, but fortunately, it's now significantly diminishing. Some of my closest friends still motivated me with my issues throughout my years, saying motivational words such as 'awesome', 'astounding' or 'amazing', hence the word in my username. For my ancestry, according to my parents say that on my father's side, he is 5th generation English, and my mother is 2nd generation Scottish (I may try some shit like 23andMe but don't have time yet). Bear in mind, I'm not a convict; my parents migrated after the convict settlement for a better job, and yes, that was when the White Australia policy still existed.

If you want to know my religious views, I am what you may call an apatheist, which is the viewpoint "All I care about gods is bugger all ay". I used to be an agnostic atheist, but now I don't think about religion as I used to. Also, I was raised under a strict Presbyterian household, which sucked arse a lot. Seriously, I had to wake up a lot earlier every Sunday, get dressed better and sit in a two-hour sermon that simply made no sense to me (or if it did it was just 2000-year-old bullshit that had and still has no meaning today). Thank goodness that in the 21st century I'm free and I'm not forced to go to a place of worship (i.e. churches, temples etc.) However, probably since my middle school times, I had a lifelong interest in becoming a Buddhist. It does not mean I have to necessarily be a deist of some sort, as Buddhism does not promote of higher powers! Even Buddha himself claimed he was a mere human who just simply 'enlightened'. Just don't rely on extreme Buddhist sects that might explicitly promote Buddha as a high power or make a big deal on the deity realm.

My political views hold libertarian, progressive and perhaps some nationalist views I guess? (I mean, I believe my nation is a good one and that the Australian culture are bloody awesome ay...) Despite my working-class background, I still believe you should accept, modernise and socialise with every class to progress, which can be achieved by coming to 100% secularism, freedom of speech (but not abusing it to others), allowing same-sex marriage (which became legal just late last year in Australia) and removing blatant racism (not the same as hating religious fanatics, that can be applied to any race itself but race cannot be changed).


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Language skills[edit]

  • English—my native language. Kinda a mixture between General and broad Australian English.
  • French—I'm good at translating and reading text; my pronunciation is at least intelligible (according to my French friends), but my conversation skills are a level 1.
  • German—Similar to French, but my conversation skills are better than reading & translating.
  • Korean—I've been to Korea several times, have several friends who try to teach Korean to me. I'm find it quite fun to do, yet I couldn't take it that seriously to get a 3 or a 4.
  • Chinese—Best at Mandarin. Cantonese is so-so. I have perfect pitch so just listening to how the tones are sounded by native speakers, and I'm fine. Main problem is reading the Hànzì (漢字), mainly due to the multitude and unique pronunciation of characters.
  • Russian—I was always fascinated by this sophisticated language spoken by at least 150,000,000 native speakers worldwide. I've used Duolingo to study, but eventually gave up due to its sheer complexity.
  • Spanish—It's always a very fun language to learn. A lot of people learn this language, regardless of accent or dialect.
  • Czech—Another good language worth learning. Beware of strč prst skrz krk!
  • Arabic—Read about the cool things that were present in Arabic (i.e. the morphological system, their distinct dialects (more like varieties) and their phonology that is so fun to pronounce).
  • Japanese—Studied with Pimsleur, but that's it. I can only say a few phrases.


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