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About me
So Cold This user is a fan of Breaking Benjamin.
This user owns a Nintendo Wii U.
HTC This user owns an HTC smartphone.
Z This user plays Zelda games.
DC This user reads DC Comics.
BATMAN This user is a fan of the Batman.
Konoha.GIF This user is a Leaf Villager.
This user is a Hokage.
^_^ This user is interested in anime and manga.
^_~ This user loves hentai.
Vulpes vulpes laying in snow.jpg This user loves yiff, and is probably a furry.
This user is a furry.
WhiteCat.jpg This user has
cat/s and dog/s.
Terrier mixed-breed dog.jpg
Japanese Girl.jpg This user loves Japanese girls.
Male.svg This user is a straight male. HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg
Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
HP This user contributes using an HP computer.
M box.svg This user contributes using
Windows 7.
intel Core This user contributes with a computer based on the Intel Core i7 microprocessor.
b This user supports Blu-ray.
This user truly believes that
Dr Pepper
No smoking symbol.png This user doesn't smoke.
Dontdrink.JPG This user doesn't drink, and has a healthy liver to show for it.
Blue This user's favourite colour is blue.
IPod nano 6G.png This user is a proud owner of an iPod Nano!