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Hi, I'm Erik Axdahl. I received my Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota in 2007 and am currently an aerospace engineering graduate student at Georgia Tech/National Institute of Aerospace while I do my research at NASA Langley Research Center.

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Some interesting projects I've worked on:

  • Aeroelastic analysis of attached inflatable aerodynamic decelerator on a blunt entry body (Master's Thesis, NASA LaRC)
  • Self-sufficient Mars science payload concept design for Astrobiology Field Laboratory mission (NASA/JPL)
  • Cavitating hydrofoil and supercavitating torpedo flow image analysis (University of Minnesota)
  • Autonomous UAV close-formation flight concepts (NASA LaRC)


Here are some images that I have contributed to Wikipedia.

Hampton Coliseum illuminated with seasonal lighting at night.
Closeup of Hampton Coliseum architectural details with accent lighting.
Pronounced sun dogs on both sides of a setting sun in southern Minnesota. Note the halo arcs passing through each sun dog. (A big thank you to Jjron for editing and nominating this photo as a featured picture!)
Cavitation damage evident on the propeller of a personal watercraft.
Replica of the Wright Brothers' wind tunnel at the Virginia Air and Space Center. The entry of the tunnel was called the 'goesinta' by the brothers and the exit was dubbed the 'goesouta.'
NASA Langley 14 x 22 foot Subsonic Wind Tunnel.
Coanda effect as demonstrated with a spoon and a water stream.