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My userspace: /Sandbox, /Notepad, /Hurricane Resources | Otherspace: Java Sandbox

Hello! Call me Soup, AySz88, or Darvian, whichever you like best. I'll answer to any of the three.

My contributions begin with my first edit to Wikipedia, on April 2, 2005, to the article 2channel. Many of my edits are related to tropical cyclones, and I have also been working on a Java edit counter, Flcelloguy's Tool. I occasionally contribute to articles involving aspects of Internet culture such as Neopets or Bananaphone. I also occasionally vandal-whack or welcome users, especially if I notice good contributions in an obscure article or from an anonymous user.

Celierra, Cel or Celi is my red fox dæmon in the His Dark Materials sense. My and my dæmon's beliefs about dæmons are somewhat complicated, but they're mostly similar to the beliefs of our friends Okibi and Rookie, who have already outlined theirs at The Daemon Page at The orange ^-^ in my signature symbolizes Cel's presence and influence in my life, including my editing here, where she helps keep us cool and composed under any stress. Celierra has her own AIM and LiveJournal accounts, and whenever wei're around, she's online, available, and willing to talk if you need a gentler ear.

My screenname, which I have been using since my first contact with the Internet in my elementary school days, was taken from my initials, my stepdad's initials, and my birthyear. The nickname "Soup", which I have now used on many websites, derives from a comment that my screenname looks like "alphabet soup", which was said by an aquaintance from Droidarena and United Devices (now Although I now prefer to be called "Soup", it may be less convenient for some to have to remember the nickname than to type out "AySz88", so feel free to use whichever you find to be easier.

Elsewhere on the Internet, I am:

I also was:

Hm, claims to fame... I think I was the first to add the "this includes anonymous users" and "As a courtesy, unsigned posts may be marked with {{unsigned}}" phrases to the "Please sign your posts" hatnotes being copied around talk pages now, though that's not much. :p I also uploaded the first version of Image:Tropical Storm Zeta 2005.jpg which appeared on the Main Page in the Current Events section for several days, though of course I didn't make that image.


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This user prefers judging if a topic is encyclopedic rather than "notable".
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are complex
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ury-0 Chyuc acol jeoc meg amjolcgumja Uryuomoco (el amjolcgumjc yug quyuch semcyujoluvro jyuhhyusargi).
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