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Why did I undo your change?

Probably because you added content that was not verifiable. The new content seems implausible or controversial and is not backed up by citing a reliable source. If you can find a reliable source, by all means put your content back in - citing the source. Another reason may be that you removed content that is backed up by a reliable source.

Wikipedia's goal is not to present the truth about each topic but to present what is thought about each topic, giving greatest weight to the most widely held opinions.


Line breaks

My vision and coordination are poor. You may simulate the effect by holding the mouse in your non-dominant hand and wearing eyeglasses lightly smeared with Vaseline. I often rearrange sentences while starting an article until the most natural sequence emerges. It is easier to do so if each sentence ends with a single line break. I click in the white space to the right of the sentence, drag the mouse to the left margin to select it, then cut and paste using the keyboard. It is much harder to position the cursor precisely at a point within the text, then drag to another point within the text. I am not the only one with poor vision and coordination. This is why the Manual of Style says "a single line break may follow a sentence, which may help some editors." Single line breaks make it easier for physically handicapped people to edit text, and are invisible to readers. I ask that you do not remove them.

Shared IP

User:jomillsjo may sometimes use the same IP.


Alternative account

I may occasionally use user:Bymatth2 for test purposes.